Alta Schoultz
[BizTrends 2016] Year of radical innovation in built environment

Alta Schoultz[Alta Schoultz] Much of our modern life is rooted in the way we have designed our cities...

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Nicci Botha
[BizTrend 2016] Sustainability, technology key for construction

Nicci Botha[Nicci Botha] Sustainability and technology will continue to be trend growth points in SA's building and construction industry...

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William Johnston
[BizTrends 2016] New approaches to urban planning in property sector

William Johnston[William Johnston] The construction and engineering sectors are currently facing slower growth that is expected to continue into the first quarter of 2016. There is however room for optimism...

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Frans Pienaar
[BizTrends 2016] A tougher construction industry for smaller players

Frans Pienaar[Frans Pienaar] According to a recent report by PwC, infrastructure spending in Africa is estimated to grow from $70bn in 2014 to $180bn per annum by 2025...

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Neil Cameron
Now is the time to deploy smart building technologies

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[Neil Cameron] The grid - the infrastructure that delivers electricity from our local utility and municipalities to buildings - is over-taxed...

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Nicci Botha
Greening Cape Town's skyline

Greening Cape Town's skyline[Nicci Botha] When you have a backdrop as dramatic as Table Mountain, it must be very hard to resist the temptation of making a contrasting statement when it comes to adding to the city's skyline...

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Simon Black
Energy savings counterbalance expensive green development

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[Simon Black] The commercial property space in South Africa has seen rapid growth in the past few years, and is showing no signs of slowing down...

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Sindy Peters
[#WomenInBiz] Smashing the glass ceiling, Q&A with Dr Hannelie Nel

[#WomenInBiz] Smashing the glass ceiling, Q&A with Dr Hannelie Nel[Sindy Peters] We chatted to Dr Hannelie Nel who's had to overcome the barriers women face when pursuing an engineering career...

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Neil Cameron
Trends driving the transformation of building systems

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[Neil Cameron] Building efficiency is being reinvented by connected-building technologies. Building equipment and systems are becoming more integrated and intelligent...

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Nicci Botha
Implications of an SA nuclear build

Implications of an SA nuclear build[Nicci Botha] Nuclear energy has always been the proverbial bogeyman when it comes to power supply. Mention the subject and Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are immediately thrown into the mix as worst case scenarios...

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Nicci Botha
[African Utility Week] Delivering energy solutions for African economies

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[Nicci Botha] The golden thread stitching together the keynote presentations on the second day of African Utility Week was undoubtedly the need to tap into Africa's vastly underutilised renewable energy resources to support the potential for economic growth and social upliftment...

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Nicci Botha
[African Utility Week] Africa is open for business...

[Nicci Botha] Africa has the potential of becoming the energy powerhouse of the future and thereby going a long way to alleviating the poverty on the continent...

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Nicci Botha
[African Utility Week] Eskom hopes to keep the lights on this winter

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[Nicci Botha] Eskom hopes to maintain its unbroken record over the years of not having to implement loadshedding during the winter months...

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Nazeera Mia
Competition Commission approves Grohe acquisition

Competition Commission approves Grohe acquisition[Nazeera Mia] The Competition Commission recently announced its unconditional approval of Grohe Luxembourg Four SA's acquisition of joint control over South African-based Apex Valves South Africa, Cobra Watertech, Isca, Libra Bathrooms, Vaal Sanitaryware and Expiro Manufacturing (Watertech Companies).

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Callie van der Merwe
Architecture's influence on interior design

Architecture's influence on interior design[Callie van der Merwe] It is no secret that the intersection of architecture and interior design has always been fraught by seemingly irreconcilable points of view

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Jurg van Dyk
Does EPC equal evil, painful contract?

Does EPC equal evil, painful contract?[Jurg van Dyk] Even though EPC contracting is quickly becoming the norm in the South African construction industry, a large portion of the construction fraternity approaches EPC contracts with great circumspection, to put it mildly.

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Paddy Hartdegen
Was the construction industry wrong?

Paddy Hartdegen[Paddy Hartdegen] Many people in the commercial world, the media and the security sectors have been baying for the blood of the chief executive and directors of several major construction companies over their collusion.

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Paddy Hartdegen
Do it once - and do it right

Paddy Hartdegen[Paddy Hartdegen] Anyone with half a brain and no mathematical training can follow this simple reasoning: it is cheaper to do a job properly the first time without taking shortcuts than to do it badly, using inferior methods and materials in the hope that it will save money. It should be obvious to everyone that this is never the case. Sadly it isn't.

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Paddy Hartdegen
Everyone at Eskom should be switching to gas

Paddy Hartdegen[Paddy Hartdegen] I would hope that everyone at Eskom - not only its chief executive, Brian Dames - would be using gas rather than electricity to make something tasty for supper. We wouldn't want our chief executives, or anyone else at Eskom, going hungry at night when they have to keep the power feeding into the homes of millions of South Africans.

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Addressing skills shortages in the built environment

Addressing skills shortages in the built environment[Werner Franck] Skills development remains a pressing concern in the current South African economy, and the built environment is no exception. With an increasing number of small to medium-size enterprise's (SMME's) emerging in the construction sector, it becomes increasingly challenging for authorities to regulate the level of skills and training of the country's construction workforce.

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