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Pauline Machika
How to overcome the lack of senior woman in higher education

How to overcome the lack of senior woman in higher education[Pauline Machika] There still remains a significant and visible gender inequality gap at higher education institutions.

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D - Next
Cumulus Johannesburg Conference - Greenside Design Center

Cumulus Johannesburg Conference - Greenside Design Center[D - Next] This year the international community of design educators and other professionals will converge on Johannesburg to present papers, participate in workshops and share their expertise in their respective fields of design.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Chris Moseley
Tertiary technology tips

[Chris Moseley] Choosing the right technology to suit your educational needs is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make before setting foot on campus, and I'm sorry to say, but your dad's hand-me-down - the one without a webcam that's slower than peak-hour traffic - is just not going to cut it.

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Private service providers linked to increased funding for primary schools

Private service providers linked to increased funding for primary schools[Genevieve Allen] In January 2014, it was announced that the amended national norms and standards for school funding had been gazetted and implemented. The funding policy details how much government money each public school will receive - depending on their rankings.

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Peter Davidson
How a spokesman can transform your conference

[Peter Davidson] If you are in charge of planning an important corporate conference, you want to make sure that your company shines in all its glory. Whether the event lasts for just several hours, a standard business day, or spans several days, you want it to go smoothly.

Posted 5 months ago | Like (2)
Peter Davidson
Must-have educational tools for e-learners

Must-have educational tools for e-learners[Peter Davidson] When it comes to learning, traditional methods may be restricting to some. Whether you want to take advantage of an opportunity far away, such as a course with a university on the other side of the country, or you want to expand your horizons and learn something new online, e-learning is a great way to achieve your goals.

Posted 5 months ago | Like
John French
Improving your presentation skills can improve your earning capacity

[John French] If you'd like to boost your earning potential in 2014, billionaire Warren Buffett has some advice for you: master the art of presenting. Buffett once told a class of business students of Columbia Business College that he would pay anyone in the room $100,000 for 10% of their future earnings. If they were great presenters, he would raise his bid by an amazing 50%! Buffet believes that excellent presentation skills makes an employee far more valuable.

Posted 7 months ago | Like
John French
Are you a square peg in a round hole?

Are you a square peg in a round hole?[John French] My first training assignment for 2014 was to train a new marketing manager in sales skills and strategy. The directors he was working for were less than happy with his sales performance and they were especially worried about his communication skills and Emotional Intelligence when it came to dealing with their valued customers.

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John French
What are your New Years' Communication Resolutions?

What are your New Years' Communication Resolutions?[John French] It's that time of year again. January is the month when goal-oriented people reflect on the past 365 days, examine their past successes and failures and decide how this new year they CAN make things better. There is something very significant about the beginning of a new year that causes us to reflect and set goals for future self-development.

Posted 8 months ago | Like (2)
Sindy Peters
No student will be left behind - Shai Reshef

No student will be left behind - Shai Reshef[Sindy Peters] In an ideal world quality higher education would be available to everyone, all educational resources and technologies would be free, no student would be left behind for financial reasons - education would be a right and not a privilege.

Posted 10 months ago | Like (2)
John French
Poor communication costs businesses billions of rands

Poor communication costs businesses billions of rands[John French] Poor communication costs South African businesses billions of rands every year. South Africa has a corporate communication landscape shaped by 11 official languages and a myriad of different cultures with their own ways of communicating and expressing themselves.

Posted 10 months ago | Like (1)
John French
Do you fear public speaking more than death?

[John French] It was American comedian Jerry Seinfeld who observed: "According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that seem right? That means to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy."

Posted 12 months ago | Like
Brett Lindsay
Touch: Even rural learners understand it

[Brett Lindsay] In the race to educate South Africa's emerging youth population, touch based platforms may be the most effective solution.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Cliff Musamba
The missing piece in our education system

[Cliff Musamba] I have listened to Dr Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream speech' many a time. Like many I have a favourite part; "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Posted 1 year ago | Like (2)
Courtney Bentley
Don't be comfortable with anything but winning

[Courtney Bentley] Ever felt like you are coming second place? It takes a paradigm shift in thinking to achieve a quantum leap result.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Glenn Gillis
Is the tablet the whiteboard of the future for corporate training?

[Glenn Gillis] No-one would dispute that corporate training is a necessary process for all organisations. Some might even say training is now more important than it has ever been.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Courtney Bentley
Is technology compounding the education crisis?

[Courtney Bentley] In the past couple of years, technology in education has made a dramatic impact. The question I would like to ask is not whether it is making an impact but whether the content on the devices is proving to be effective.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Clyde Thomas
Learning through gaming

[Clyde Thomas] World of Warcraft has been described as "more addictive than crack cocaine". Players can spend up to 16 hours, without a break, playing the game and often neglect their physical needs. Imagine the learning power that could be achieved by harnessing the kind of intense concentration and enjoyment provided by games.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Mike le Plastrier
Stop complaining, start training

[Mike le Plastrier] We all know the complaints regarding skills shortages and the outsourcing of jobs offshore, but this doesn't have to be so. South Africa may not be overpopulated by rocket scientists (although we do have some), but we've certainly got human resources equal to the task of handling many skilled jobs in the mining and manufacturing industries.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Jan Felton
Vital facts to consider before choosing an online university

[Jan Felton] Are you not satisfied with your current job? Well, either your employer might not be paying you well or no one is able to realise the potential in you. Believe it or not, there are thousands who face this problem on a daily basis and so there is nothing to get depressed about.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)