Education courses & workshops

1 Aug 2014An introduction to poetryCountrywide
1 Aug 2014Study broadcast journalismCountrywide
1 Aug 2014Writing for video gamesCountrywide
1 Aug 2014Microsoft Outlook short courseSandton
1 Aug 2014Auteur Film CourseNationwide
2 Aug 2014Short Course in Introduction to Basic BookkeepingPretoria
2 Aug 2014Business model workshopPolokwane (Pietersburg)
2 Aug 2014PTA Photoshop fundamentals coursePretoria
4 Aug 2014Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
4 Aug 2014The business writing toolkitCountrywide
4 Aug 2014Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
4 Aug 2014Creative writing coursesCountrywide
4 Aug 2014Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
4 Aug 2014HTML and CSS short courseCape Town
4 Aug 2014E-marketing short courseCape Town
5 Aug 2014Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
5 Aug 2014Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
5 Aug 2014Web writing and SEOCountrywide
5 Aug 2014Die tydskrifjoernalistieke kursusCountrywide
5 Aug 2014Break through your writing barriersCountrywide
5 Aug 2014Microsoft Word short courseCape Town
6 Aug 2014Write better newslettersCountrywide
6 Aug 2014Writing for social mediaCountrywide
6 Aug 2014How to write books for childrenCountrywide
6 Aug 2014Writing for Online and MobileJohannesburg
6 Aug 2014CorelDraw short courseSandton
6 Aug 2014Microsoft SQL Server short courseCape Town
6 Aug 2014Microsoft SQL Server short courseDurban
6 Aug 2014Optimised leadership and management skillsSandton
6 Aug 2014Free workshop for IEASA membersCape Town
7 Aug 2014Online copywriting courseCountrywide
7 Aug 2014Press release and media writingCountrywide
7 Aug 2014Write a novel courseCountrywide
7 Aug 2014Start writing your memoirCountrywide
7 Aug 2014Customer CarePretoria
7 Aug 2014Solar PV feasibility assessmentJohannesburg
7 Aug 2014Photography in practiseCape Town
7 Aug 2014Photography in practiseDurban
7 Aug 2014Photography in practiseJohannesburg
7 Aug 2014Photography in practisePretoria
8 Aug 2014Intro to carbon projects and marketsCape Town
8 Aug 2014Microsoft Publisher short courseCape Town
8 Aug 2014Microsoft Publisher short courseDurban
8 Aug 2014Microsoft Outlook short courseCape Town
9 Aug 2014Port Elizabeth business model workshopPort Elizabeth
9 Aug 2014PTA Photoshop fundamentals coursePretoria
11 Aug 2014Microsoft SharePoint short coursePretoria
11 Aug 2014Website creation for average JoeJohannesburg
12 Aug 2014ThinkSales Training: Mastering The Complex SaleJohannesburg
12 Aug 2014MS Excel 2010 – Level 1Pietermaritzburg
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