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How to choose an essay writing service
How to choose an essay writing service

The process of writing academic essays can be very frustrating and time consuming. As a result, many students are now opting to engage the services of a professional essay writing agency.

By Charles Mburugu 13 Oct 2014 13:45

Ian Henderson
Bilingual universities the only way to promote diversity

The language debate rages on in tertiary education. The latest from the desk of the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, is the pronouncement that South Africa no longer has (or should have) Afrikaans, Zulu or Tswana universities - only South African ones.

By Ian Henderson 28 Aug 2014 14:33

How to overcome the lack of senior woman in higher education
How to overcome the lack of senior woman in higher education

There still remains a significant and visible gender inequality gap at higher education institutions.

By Pauline Machika 7 Aug 2014 09:15

Danette Breitenbach
New CSI initiative empowers young women in marketing sector

A new initiative focusing on empowering young women entering the marketing sector with on the job skills has been launched in Gauteng.

By Danette Breitenbach 28 Jul 2014 07:11

Ian Henderson
How BIG is the Chinese opportunity?

Recent reports that Mandarin may be taught in some South African schools got tongues wagging about the size and shape of the 'Chinese opportunity' that may arise from this.

By Ian Henderson 26 Jun 2014 08:17

Chris Moseley
Tertiary technology tips

Choosing the right technology to suit your educational needs is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make before setting foot on campus, and I'm sorry to say, but your dad's hand-me-down - the one without a webcam that's slower than peak-hour traffic - is just not going to cut it.

By Chris Moseley 13 Jun 2014 10:00

Brett Bowes
Government and private sector after 20 years of democracy

We are enjoying 20 years of democracy so it is a good time to take an objective look at transformation as a partnership between government and the private sector.

By Brett Bowes 22 May 2014 13:21

Private service providers linked to increased funding for primary schools
Private service providers linked to increased funding for primary schools

In January 2014, it was announced that the amended national norms and standards for school funding had been gazetted and implemented. The funding policy details how much government money each public school will receive - depending on their rankings.

By Genevieve Allen 9 May 2014 13:36

Peter Davidson
How a spokesman can transform your conference

If you are in charge of planning an important corporate conference, you want to make sure that your company shines in all its glory. Whether the event lasts for just several hours, a standard business day, or spans several days, you want it to go smoothly.

By Peter Davidson 17 Apr 2014 10:06

Must-have educational tools for e-learners
Must-have educational tools for e-learners

When it comes to learning, traditional methods may be restricting to some. Whether you want to take advantage of an opportunity far away, such as a course with a university on the other side of the country, or you want to expand your horizons and learn something new online, e-learning is a great way to achieve your goals.

By Peter Davidson 7 Apr 2014 14:44

John French
Towers Watson research study on effective communication and ROI

Companies with highly effective internal communication strategies are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers significantly, according to a new Change & Communication study by Towers Watson.

By John French 10 Mar 2014 09:26

John French
Improving your presentation skills can improve your earning capacity

If you'd like to boost your earning potential in 2014, billionaire Warren Buffett has some advice for you: master the art of presenting. Buffett once told a class of business students of Columbia Business College that he would pay anyone in the room $100,000 for 10% of their future earnings. If they were great presenters, he would raise his bid by an amazing 50%! Buffet believes that excellent presentation skills makes an employee far more valuable.

By John French 10 Feb 2014 15:25

Anton Harber
Bloomberg's Africa media plan raises questions

It may be imprudent to write this about someone who is spending $10m on African journalism. But then, of all the things I have been accused of in my time, prudence was never among them.

By Anton Harber 7 Feb 2014 05:23

Are you a square peg in a round hole?
Are you a square peg in a round hole?

My first training assignment for 2014 was to train a new marketing manager in sales skills and strategy. The directors he was working for were less than happy with his sales performance and they were especially worried about his communication skills and Emotional Intelligence when it came to dealing with their valued customers.

By John French 24 Jan 2014 10:18

[2014 trends] E-learning trends for 2014
[2014 trends] E-learning trends for 2014

According to research firm, Ambient Insight, the global market for self-paced e-learning products and services reached US$ 27.1 billion by 2009 and is likely to double by 2014. With that said, let's have a quick look at the e-learning trends for 2014.

By Kirsty Chadwick 21 Jan 2014 06:36

Finding our way together
Finding our way together

There is plenty that is going right in SA education - but it is not enough unless disparate players pull together - and that includes government.

By Dr Francois Bonnici 16 Jan 2014 08:55

What are your New Years' Communication Resolutions?
What are your New Years' Communication Resolutions?

It's that time of year again. January is the month when goal-oriented people reflect on the past 365 days, examine their past successes and failures and decide how this new year they CAN make things better. There is something very significant about the beginning of a new year that causes us to reflect and set goals for future self-development.

By John French 8 Jan 2014 09:50

Tim Wyatt-Gunning
What is web hosting?

Being a "good host" was definitely high up the list of what parents of middle-class spoilt brats, like me, expected from their children. Apart from learning to place many more pieces of cutlery on a table than were required, I think the answer to being a good host was, and still is, to provide a decent and handy location for a group of people to share vaguely similar interests and to start a few conversations and make sure there are no uncomfortable silences. And, for me, that location was usually around a dinner table. Now it's around a computer.

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 12 Dec 2013 12:18

Communication etiquette at your year-end office party
Communication etiquette at your year-end office party

The annual office year-end party is usually where some of the craziest communication of the year takes place. Colleagues are usually beyond drained and exhausted at this time of the year and yet over-jubilant and excited at the same time.

By John French 4 Dec 2013 09:34

South African lecturers should embrace social media
South African lecturers should embrace social media

According to a recent survey, South African lecturers must adapt to the changing environment of their students by meeting them where they are most comfortable - in the social media space.

By Natasha Madhav 3 Dec 2013 09:54

No student will be left behind - Shai Reshef
No student will be left behind - Shai Reshef

In an ideal world quality higher education would be available to everyone, all educational resources and technologies would be free, no student would be left behind for financial reasons - education would be a right and not a privilege.

By Sindy Peters 21 Nov 2013 11:05

Poor communication costs businesses billions of rands
Poor communication costs businesses billions of rands

Poor communication costs South African businesses billions of rands every year. South Africa has a corporate communication landscape shaped by 11 official languages and a myriad of different cultures with their own ways of communicating and expressing themselves.

By John French 21 Nov 2013 09:26

Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action!

AFDA, the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, is set to present its annual showcase of graduate student short films and tele-novella productions. We spoke to Garth Holmes, chairman and co-founder of AFDA, to find out more.

By Eugene Yiga 18 Nov 2013 09:45

Danette Breitenbach
Actually it is fun and games

Gamification can make training in the workplace faster, more effective and less expensive.

By Danette Breitenbach 23 Oct 2013 07:58

John French
Are you ready for the communication revolution?

When tsunamis hit, you can't choose to avoid the wave. Some things in life are simply bigger than us all and they sweep us away with their global power and revolutionary force. The exploding digital age is creating a communication revolution far greater than you or I could have imagined.

By John French 22 Oct 2013 10:57

Nkululeko Mthethwa
Learn how to create HTML5 apps for iOS Safari

In the latest ebook, titled HTML5 iPhone Web Application Development and written by creative technologist, Alvin Crespo takes you through to the steps of how to create compelling web applications specifically tailored for distribution on iOS Safari.

By Nkululeko Mthethwa 8 Oct 2013 17:41

John French
Become a 'Conscious Communicator'

My mission as a communication coach is to create what I call 'Conscious Communicators'. A 'Conscious Communicator' is the term I have coined to describe a fully empowered communicator who knows and fully understands how the communication process works.

By John French 3 Oct 2013 10:34

Sid Peimer
E3 Errors are killing agencies

Say for example there is a drug on the market that enhances creativity. Just say. We call that Drug A...

By Sid Peimer 26 Sep 2013 07:33

Michelle Strauss
Social media in higher education: engage, share and learn

Within the last few years social media has become more integral in the lives of students, and now more than ever it is vital for higher education to get social.

By Michelle Strauss 20 Sep 2013 08:00

Nico Coetzee
The costs of education: making your sums

One of the most important goals we can save towards is our children's education. With a realistic estimate of South African university fees currently sitting at between R35,000 and R50,000 a year (excluding living expenses), most of us will need to save in advance to finance these considerable amounts.

By Nico Coetzee 19 Sep 2013 10:42

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