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Harnessing the skills of the future

Whitney Houston perhaps summed it up best when she crooned about the children being our future...

By Sharon Piehl 16 Jun 2017

#YouthMonth: John Mashiri graduates top achiever in brand management with a Pencil in hand
#YouthMonth: John Mashiri graduates top achiever in brand management with a Pencil in hand

Vega student John Mashiri received the Pencil Award, sponsored by the Pendoring Advertising Awards, for graduating with top honours in brand management last month...

By Jessica Tennant 7 Jun 2017

Haviland and Van der Nest.
#OneShow2017: Dream come true for SA's Young Ones Portfolio winners

It was a really exciting night for South Africa at The One Show Young Ones Awards, where for the first time ever, South Africa took home three awards...

By Ann Nurock 10 May 2017

Chowles presenting at the One Club’s One Show Educators’ Summit, part of Creative Week 2017.
#OneShow2017: Ross Chowles on keeping students' attention

I chatted to Ross Chowles, our own South African born and bred ex-creative director of The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, now an advertising lecturer at Michigan State University, at the One Club's One Show Educators' Summit as part of their Creative Week...

By Ann Nurock 9 May 2017

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The marketer of the future

Today's traditional media is rapidly evolving towards the marketing of the future. The ‘brandscape' has changed dramatically in a short space of time and marketers are struggling to keep pace with the new environment...

By Dr. Ludi Koekemoer 19 Apr 2017

The importance of webinars for lead generation
The importance of webinars for lead generation

Webinar marketing has become increasingly popular with many companies all over the world. Webinars can be very effective tools for strengthening bonds with existing customers, generating new leads and increasing conversions...

By Charles Mburugu 12 Dec 2016

What marketers really want
What marketers really want

While there is no doubt that modern marketing has evolved, the question is: have marketing skills evolved with it..?

By Danette Breitenbach 13 Jul 2016

Transforming the MAC industry through education
Transforming the MAC industry through education

On Thursday 9 June in Cape Town and on 13 June in Johannesburg, the Red & Yellow School hosted information sessions to address the changes and updates to the B-BBEE Sector Code for the South African MAC industry...

By Beverley Klein 15 Jun 2016

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: Will a robot take your job?

The disruption of work - from hiring, to new industries and the new skills required to remain relevant in the future - is going to be massive, says trend guru Dion Chang...

By Louise Marsland 16 May 2016

Tips for successful webinar marketing
Tips for successful webinar marketing

Webinars are powerful marketing channels that can significantly boost the conversion rate of any business. Research has shown that many people make buying decisions after attending webinars...

By Charles Mburugu 22 Apr 2016

Google aims for one million digital learners
Google aims for one million digital learners

Over the next year, Google will train one million young Africans in digital skills across the continent...

By Danette Breitenbach 13 Apr 2016

#DesignMonth: Student concept used in WildAid video
#DesignMonth: Student concept used in WildAid video

WildAid, impressed by the concept created by an 'agency' of students has charged ahead with it...

By Sindy Peters 15 Feb 2016

WPP Africa Academy: When the sum is greater than the whole
WPP Africa Academy: When the sum is greater than the whole

The creative economy is important as service industries lead the economy, and also support the wider economy in terms of progress and growth...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Feb 2016

Raising the bar
Raising the bar

At the end of last year, the AAA School of Advertising announced the appointment of Prof Krishna Govender as the new Academic Director. Bizcommunity caught up with him...

By Danette Breitenbach 25 Jan 2016

Introducing the National Certificate in Advertising
Introducing the National Certificate in Advertising

A gateway to the advertising world for matrics, this brand new program offers an entry-level qualification with which to begin a career or pursue further studies in an industry-related field...

By Red & Yellow School, Issued by Red & Yellow 9 Oct 2015

Chemory Gunko
How the drive for productivity stifles creativity in the workplace

When I first started copywriting, I remember getting the draft documents for a huge copywriting job that never went through - a series of white papers. I spent months writing and rewriting them anyway...

By Chemory Gunko 20 Aug 2015

Ivanna Granelli
Essential for companies to shift from bootcamp training to performance support

Companies need to rethink the ways that they train and manage employees if they are to maximise returns from business processes and systems...

By Ivanna Granelli 3 Aug 2015

Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework
Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework

We all remember our parents telling us this a million times, "finish your homework, then you can go and play". Yet we forget to do this later in life...

By Rolf Akermann 14 Jul 2015

Rolf Akermann
If you want to succeed, get into the trenches. Now!

In the army, there is a saying: "you must earn your stripes", which refers to the fact that you will not simply be promoted. You have to demonstrate that you are deserving of a higher rank...

By Rolf Akermann 11 Jun 2015

Kat Scholtz
Defining South Africa's digital marketing skills gap

South African marketing and advertising employers are keenly aware that they need access to digital skills and expertise to remain competitive...

By Kat Scholtz 21 Apr 2015

Michelle Joubert
Avoid the email abyss

A key requirement of the JSE's listing rules is to ensure full and equal public disclosure of information on a real time basis...

By Michelle Joubert 17 Mar 2015

Mike Stopforth
The importance of networking and mentoring as an entrepreneur

The word "entrepreneur" is often synonymous with glamour and a maverick lifestyle. When things are going swimmingly, being an entrepreneur is all of those things...

By Mike Stopforth 16 Mar 2015

David Ogilvy. (Image extracted from the Ogilvy website)
How to write persuasive messages

Persuasive copy should always grab the reader's attention, secure their interest, stimulate their desire for the goods or service, and lastly, motivate them to take action...

By James Hurford 13 Mar 2015

Richard Firth
Is SA ready to be a knowledge economy?

While government initiatives set to improve the country's science and technology output are laudable, the question must be asked: is SA ready to transition to a knowledge-based economy?

By Richard Firth 12 Mar 2015

Sid Peimer
Five beliefs about strategy execution that are just plain wrong

At the conclusion of strategy sessions we identify objectives and allocate responsibilities with timelines. It's all very clear. But...

By Sid Peimer 26 Feb 2015

Greg Forbes
The benefits of job training for graduates

In a business environment calling for rapidly evolving, global and information-driven business practices and businesses, jobseekers and those currently employed need to become multi-skilled and constantly work at up-skilling themselves...

By Greg Forbes, Issued by Lion's Wing 11 Feb 2015

Douglas Kruger
Want to be an industry expert? Make this one principle your entire business model

Some goals require what seems like contradictory behaviour. Becoming a venerated thought-leader in your industry is one of them...

By Douglas Kruger 29 Jan 2015

Like love affairs, strategies should be a wonderful journey of discovery. (Image extracted from Les Almants)
How do you know your strategy is any good?

The 1958 French film Les Almants (The Lovers), about a woman involved in adultery, was a hit in France, but when it crossed the Atlantic to the US...

By Sid Peimer 29 Jan 2015

Never be nervous again
Never be nervous again

The fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of all fears. It ranks far above the fear of death, heights, sickness, jumping out of a plane or loneliness...

By James Hurford 24 Dec 2014

What's the ideal level and type of visual aids to be used in a keynote presentation?
What's the ideal level and type of visual aids to be used in a keynote presentation?

The content of a speaker's presentation and its running order, which includes the use of visual aids, is of paramount importance to delivering a successful presentation...

By Jonathan Curran 17 Dec 2014

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