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Learn tourism from Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola at HICA

Hospitality Investment Conference Africa (HICA) will take place from 4 - 6 November 2009 at the Sandton Sun and, among other topics, is supposed to offer new and unique insights into some key African destinations: Mozambique, Nigeria and Angola.
These three emerging African destinations have a lot to offer the international traveller and there will be some excellent success stories and case studies to convince new investors to consider seriously the future in these countries. Each of these sessions is on Thursday 5 November.

Mozambique magic

From Mozambique, delegates will be able to interact with Adrian Frey, MD of Club Mozambique a renowned expert on investment in Mozambique who publishes a regular newsletter on the various investment opportunities in the country. The Mozambique government has made tourism a priority sector in the country and on the panel is Mozambique's Principal Secretary of Tourism, Francine Matsinha, along with key on-the-ground experts to answer investor questions.

Through this session, delegates will find out why Mozambique has emerged to become one of the most dynamic tourism opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa - a country that provides a heady mix of Portuguese, Arab and African influences, friendly people, world-renowned beaches, World Heritage sites, interesting colonial architecture and some of the best yacht charter, scuba diving and fishing in the world. Mozambique is not only blessed with the strongest coastal assets in southern Africa but also remains a relatively unexplored country with true wilderness areas and opportunities for the development of a thriving nature and wildlife based tourism sector abound.

Find out about foreign investment in Mozambique which does not make a distinction based on investor origin, and does not limit foreign ownership or control of companies. Mozambique currently ranks as 18th in Africa in the Ease of Doing Business index 2010 and fifth in terms of protecting investors.

Nigerian nous

From Nigeria, delegates will be exposed to a panel moderated by Trevor Ward of W-Hospitality Group - a well-known hospitality investment advisory company specialising in Nigeria and West Africa. The session consists of experts who are already operating in Africa's most populated country including Ernest Oji of Southern Sun and Michael O'Malley of Westport Property Group. While statistics and formal information is a challenge for this country at this stage, the on-the-ground experience shows that tourism is a growing sector for Nigeria.

Business tourism accounts for the largest share of the pie, but event based tourism and niche leisure and cultural opportunities are itching for development. Nigeria boasts some excellent festivals, cultural and natural attractions and apart from Lagos and the capital city Abuja, more of the surrounding country areas are available for tourism opportunities.

Nigeria currently ranks as 13th in Africa in the Ease of Doing Business index 2010 and eighth in terms of protecting investors and the panel will be eager to answer any questions from potential investors.

Angola action

From Angola, top government panellists will be available - Vice Minister of Tourism, Dr Paulino Baptista and the director of international exchange from the Department of Tourism Dr Januario Marra. They will be joined by Andrew McLachlan, vice president of hotel development for Rezidor and Kevin Fick of El Dorado Marketing Services for on-the-ground experts with experience in Angolan tourism to provide some unique insights into this multi-faceted African destination. Jorge Jover, CEO of MITC Investimentos SARL, one of the leading private economic groups in Angola, will moderate the session.

Angola boasts a magnificent tropical beach line of more than 1600km and several national game parks, which have all been developed to boost tourism figures for the country, and are ripe for investment. Angola has also recently approved a draft law to de-bureaucratise and simplify all administrative procedures related to private investment.

Angola currently ranks as 33rd in Africa in the Ease of Doing Business index 2010 and tied 8th position with Nigeria in terms of protecting investors.

TFCA insights

African insights continue with a session on Boundless Southern Africa's development opportunities. The session is focused on tourism and hospitality investment opportunities within the Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA) within Southern Africa. The speakers in the session include leading experts on TFCA from Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa. A conference focused on African tourism and hospitality is HICA 2009.

To register log onto or contact Zelda Coetzee on +27 (0) 21 762 1442.