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Groundbreaking cool-drink advertisement launches in Nigeria

The Black Eyed Peas are about to crash onto TV screens around the world as they rock it out in the new Pepsi ad.
The hip-hop phenomena star in the literally groundbreaking commercial “Jump” that has hit Nigerian airwaves following a colourful launch in Lagos.

Featuring group's exclusive Pepsi track “More”, the new advertisement sees the three-time Grammy award winners literally falling through the floor - and then another, and another…

The commercial opens on a young man trying to buy a Pepsi from a vending machine. He shakes the machine and jumps to get the can to drop, the floor gives way and he crashes into the room below, landing in a recording studio surrounded by group who are dancing to their newly recorded track. The young man joins The Black Eyed Peas – and they all fall through the floor… and you'll need to see the advertisement to see what happens next!

Mazen Almasri, the Pepsi Marketing Manager for Nigeria, commenting on the commercial said: “From the very beginning The Black Eyed Peas have thrown themselves into working on this campaign with us. Shooting the commercial was no exception, with will-i-am and the rest of the group performing many of the stunts themselves.”


The Black Eyed Peas are to visit Lagos, Nigeria to give a special, one-off concert as part of their worldwide ‘Pepsi Black Blue and You Tour', which kicks off this September. The Lagos concert is slated for October 14, 2007 at Thisday Event Centre, Lekki.

Fans will be invited to play a central part in concerts, which will see The Black Eyed Peas visiting 13 countries, and a winner will be chosen in each country with the once-in-a-lifetime prize of performing live with The Black Eyed Peas at the ‘Pepsi Black, Blue and You' concert in the fan's home country.

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