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Mobile app helps brands 'see' inside their markets

31 Jul 2014 09:14
Mobile research technology, ovatoyou, has launched a new app that, when loaded onto an iOS, Android or Blackberry handset, invites consumers to share their thinking, or images of their surroundings, in situ, from the palm of their hand.
Amanda Reekie, founder of ovatoyou says, "mobile has proven its mettle in education, health, entrepreneurship and connectivity, to name but a few. And it's doing the same for research via smartphones. With an estimated 17-million in South Africa, its potential is staggering."

Consumer research

The core advantage of a smartphone research app, says Reekie, is that it is quick, instant and affordable. It also allows a panel of consumers who keep the app live on their phones to share their opinions visually by uploading photographs.

"This adds a new dimension to traditional research as we're now able to 'see' what people think. So for instance, if a FMCG brand wants to know what a family eats for dinner Monday to Friday, an ovatoyou user simply takes a photo of their meal and shares it on the platform. This provides invaluable data in a snapshot.

"Once downloaded, the app is an intuitive experience that allows brands to ask users up to 25 open or closed-ended questions. It also allows users to rate an experience on a sliding scale of one to five," Reekie explains.

And while users are invited to share their views on a diversity of topics - they are also incentivised in cash, vouchers or e-Wallet cash.

To download ovatoyou, visit the BlackBerry, iOS or Android app store or go to to find out more.
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