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Mxit offers sweet smell of success to Lenthéric

The House of Lenthéric has been getting active in mobile social network advertising to relaunch its Panache range of products through Mxit.
The one-month burst campaign delivered close on 40,000 followers to the Panache Mxit brand app and over 3.5 million impressions.

Brand prominence

Mxit strategically promoted the range of fragrances to 25-34 year old women in the LSM 7-10 categories. The campaign, booked by media partner PHD, leveraged sites login Splash Screen advertising to deliver 30,323 click-throughs to the brand's app. Broadcast messages to specific users delivered a further 599,000 app impressions and 12,582 clicks through at a rate of 2.10 %

Mxit account manager Shauna Carter adds, "Together with our media partners PHD, creative agency Singh & Sons and Lenthéric client, Connie Engelbrecht, we delivered a campaign which educates consumers about the brand - its ethos and its spirit and awareness of the full product range. The campaign gave it brand prominence through the use of our Splash Screen advertising to drive traffic to the brand app and ultimately exploration of the range."

The Mxit campaign dovetails with mall branding, in-store sampling and point of sale material to carve out convergence of in-store and online experience.