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Mxit Brand Index: 30 April 2014

The latest Mxit Brand Index has been released, revealing the Top 40 South African brands on Mxit on 30 April 2014.
PositionBrandLast Month's PositionNo. Of subscribers
1SuperSport12 024 024
224.com21 316 899
3Rhythm City31 201 165
4DStv41 018 398
5KFC5829 769
6Samsung6698 102
7Ster Kinekor7627 000
8M-Net8513 646
9Telkom Mobile9504 246
10FNB11490 575

CLICK HERE for the full list of Top 40 Brands on the Mxit Brand Index>

Snapshot: BBC News launches Mxit app as election momentum delivers big growth for the DA, ANC and IEC; FNB enters the Top 10 for the first time and MTN and PEPcell hit a runaway success with over 80,000 new subscribers each. SuperSport cracks the 2-million subscriber mark, and KFC, Samsung and Shoprite continue with strong growth. Brands to watch - Gillette and SAB's You Decide app.

Unsurprisingly, political organisations on Mxit showed massive growth in April, as their increased campaign activity attracted huge subscriber numbers to their apps. The Democratic Alliance led the way with 190,598 new subscribers - a 96% growth on their March numbers. These staggering results were due to the innovative DemocraCITY simulation game built and promoted by DA through their Mxit app. The IEC's app grew by 14%, adding 49,985 new subscribers. Thanks to on-going Mxit Live Chat sessions held with various high-ranking ministers, the ANC added 38,262 to their new My ANC app - a 39% growth during April. Making media headlines was the BBC, who launched a Mxit app to run polls for election-focused news stories.

FNB's April campaigns delivered the brand - known for its innovation, specifically in the mobile phone arena - a Top 10 position, with 21,408 new subscribers.

Mobile brand MTN and retail brand PEPcell both had a successful ad campaign month, with MTN moving up ten places to 22nd position, with 85,420 new subscribers - a growth of 33%. PEPcell's 21% growth moved the retail brand five places to 12th position, as 86,942 new subscribers added the PEPcell app.

Top media brand SuperSport cracked the 2-milion subscriber mark in April, with 37,134 new subscribers. KFC, Samsung and Shoprite all continued to build on their already solid subscriber numbers. KFC grew by 50,925 new subscribers, Samsung by 38,369, and 36,855 users added the Shoprite app.

April's Top 40 Brands: The Star Performers
Most new subscribers:Top growth as a %:
Democratic Alliance190 598Democratic Alliance96%
PEPcell86 942MTN33%
MTN85 420PEPcell21%
KFC50 925IEC14%
IEC49 985Shoprite11%

Brands to watch: Gillette and SAB

Gillette launched their Mxit app on 5 March, gaining 56 045 subscribers in just 26 days. Sustained advertising support in April drew an additional 65,701 subscribers in 30 days. This placed the brand at 51st position on the Mxit Brand Index.

SAB's social responsibility app, You Decide, launched in tandem with other social media campaigns driving new users onto the Mxit app. The focus of the app is to get young South Africans to act responsibly, and 'Drive Dry', and featured Live Chats with local celebrity Huli Ravele as part of that inspiration. SAB's You Decide app currently has 101 876 subscribers and is a phenomenal way for a brand to engage with its fans and customers.

Top Brands by category:
Top mobile brand:Telkom Mobile
Top banking brand:FNB
Top financial services brand:1Life
Top sports brand:Nike Football
Top media brand:SuperSport
Top retail brand:SPAR
Top FMCG brand:Coca Cola
Top fast food brand:KFC

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