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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Saturday's Soweto Derby features Nando's magic mirror

During tomorrow's Soweto Derby, the Magic Mirror will launch the second Nando's festive campaign ad.
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Watch out for the mirror that'll be hard at work as two super fans (both fully-decked in their supporter's gear) enthusiastically blow their vuvuzelas in front of it, try to establish who the ultimate Soweto titan is. (Naturally, being super fans neither is in any doubt that it would be his team!) However, as with diva Nonhle Tema, the all-knowing mirror defeats both their teams as the mirror declares Nando's to be the ultimate winner - in a league of its own.

When asked about a possible chicken versus soccer angle, Ahmed Tilley, creative director at Black River said, "To decide on who is the greatest of them all, we could have challenged a few of South Africa's most entertaining soccer teams to a game but we thought that would be a little unfair to them. So, we did what any reasonable person would do, we commissioned the magic mirror... again."

Concludes Nando's SA marketing manager Thabang Ramogase, "This time we're delivering the message by going to the heart of our sport crazy nation and every super fan - where soccer is practically a religion - to show that Nando's rules! South Africans can easily get their feathers ruffled at a major soccer challenge but when confronted by the delicious qualities of the greatest chicken of all, we are one."