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FNB stanza firm after ad uproar

NEWSWATCH: FNB has bounced back following its tiff with the ANC over its recent 'You Can Help' advertising campaign with full-page adverts in a number of national newspapers. The adverts are written to look like poetry, reports

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  • FNB responds with new ads... In the adverts, written in five stanzas, each begins with the line "We help because we believe"... Well, many people believe that FNB did the wrong thing in buckling in to the ANC. On Facebook, on Saturday, reports, the University of Free State's highly respected vice-chancellor Jonathan Jansen wrote: "I am deeply disappointed by FNB for running to apologise/explain to a political party for airing the voices of children. Does FNB realise how much blood was spilt for the right to say what you think? I fear for my country."

    It seems a great many people share his views, and perhaps his fears for the future of South Africa.

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