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ANC to meet FNB on 'that' ad

NEWSWATCH: An ANC delegation is to meet with FNB representatives today at 11am at Luthuli House to discuss First National Bank's 'You Can Help Campaign', reports IOL, which also reports that the Democratic Alliance wants a probe of state adspend in The New Age.
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  • IOL: ANC to meet FNB over ads... Opinions are divided... Some found the video of a young girl talking about her hopes for the future touching. Others reckon that given the governing party's apparent sensitivity to anything that smacks even remotely of criticism, the bank was naïve to expect anything less than the ANC's reaction.
  • IOL: DA seeks probe of New Age ad spend... Before placing any advert in your publication, you can expect the advertiser will want to know a number of things, one of which will be your publication's circulation. That's why the DA is asking for a probe on why state-owned enterprises seem to be spending millions of rands of taxpayers' monies in placing adverts in a publication for which - the DA says - there are no circulation figures?