#Bookmarks2017: Digital download with... Liquorice

Local digirati shone at the recent IAB Bookmark Awards 2017. Here's some feedback from Liquorice founder and CEO Miles Murphy.
Team Liquorice at the IAB Bookmarks 2017.

Liquorice was awarded microsite gold and ‘for good’ platforms silver shared with FCB for Distell Amarula’s #NAMEThemSAVEThem, digital strategy bronze for Unilever uGive (with the campaign line, 'Would you give a...click?') and ‘chat, messaging and dark social’ bronze for Unilever Knorr’s 'Whatsfordinner?' with Dinner on Demand.

Asked to put their Bookmarks success into digital format, they said, “Of course it’s the unicorn emoji!” Murphy comments: “The Bookmark Awards undoubtedly showcased the impact that digital is making for brands and companies in South Africa. Agencies are not only being challenged to be more innovative, but also challenged to show how that innovation is enhancing consumers’ lives and driving results.”

Making a digital impact

Murphy adds: “For Liquorice, Amarula #NAMEThemSAVEThem, which showed how an immersive 3D experience can really drive a cause; Unilever uGive, showing that 'clicktivism' and social currency can drive a brand’s purpose and give back, and Knorr Dinner on Demand, which perfectly combined the use of first-of-its-kind innovative media with the first recipe Facebook Messenger chatbot in SA for a seamless customer experience, are all examples that digital work can go beyond just a Facebook like, beyond sharing content and beyond a simple message in Messenger.”

He feels the calibre of digital work overall was extraordinary, and to win when up against some of the best in the country pushes the team to continue producing digital work that makes an impact.

See Liquorice’s winning work embedded below:

Amarula #NAMEThemSAVEThem:

Unilever uGive:

Knorr Dinner on Demand:

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