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Give your piece a chance with a Biz Press Office

According to ongoing research by UK-based CMO institute, confidence in the effectiveness of content marketing is spurring 60% of marketers to devote increased budgets to this form of promotion year-on-year. Here's why content marketing should be an integral part of a communications campaign strategy.
Since the advent of digital media, companies and brands have been obliged to use a corporate website to launch their products and services into the marketplace. The proliferation of new media channels has considerably increased the pressure for marketers to cover all their communication bases.

Some of the bases that need to be covered by marketers to fortify their brands now include:
  • Email marketing and eNewsletters
  • case study and branded content releases
  • articles on third party websites
  • syndicated content
  • social media channels
  • measurability
Bizcommunity has become known as one of South Africa's premier content marketing distribution services, allowing marketers to cost effectively and intelligently leverage all of the above kinds of channels via one 360-degree product - The Biz Press Office:
  1. Email Marketing: Press releases submitted via a Biz Press Office get distributed to 292,000 subscribers across any of 20 relevant industry sectors via 3.1 million monthly newsletters, providing unmatched reach for corporate content.

  2. Case study and branded content releases: Press releases submitted via a Biz Press Office not only get featured on the home pages of Bizcommunity's portfolio of industry websites, but also receive a strong branded presence on other strategic interfaces on the site which receives 301,000 monthly website readers.

  3. Articles on third party websites: Company press releases, images and video from your offline world and existing corporate website or blog receive amplified awareness and SEO within Bizcommunity's industry community websites.

  4. Syndicated content: The widest possible reach for your corporate content is a company's best defence. Releases submitted via a Biz Press office are distributed to additional opt-in business publications, ensuring that brand content originally destined only for the company blog, now receives maximum awareness in relevant business publications in your region giving you the strategic edge.

  5. Social media and mobile marketing: Releases submitted via a Biz Press office may be tweeted and posted to our Facebook page automatically - acting as third phase distribution for your content.

  6. The complete content strategy solution: Ease of design, setup, widest possible distribution, social sharing and monthly stats reports make a Biz Press office the ultimate promotional product.
All of the above features and more are what make Bizcommunity's Press Office the ultimate tool to promote your company content to our African and international business communities.

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