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What your website marketing approach says about you

There are a myriad of ways to approach your website marketing. Most marketers use a combination of tactics in order to optimise their online presence, but have a preference for one or two channels in particular.
Just like varying personalities, (which are intricate and layered), the methods you enlist to do your website marketing are indicative of how you operate in the world.

We've defined the way you market your website into several "personalites":

The blogger

Choosing to use your blog as the primary way in which you go about your website marketing means that you're innovative, a master-communicator, and revel in speaking your mind.

You're constantly thinking of new ways to engage your audience, and believe in the power of the written word. Using a blog to entice your market through the provision of value-added content is a proven website marketing strategy because it allows you to create relevant content that your target market wants to consume on an on-going basis.

Not only is this process gratifying, it also appeals to the narcissist in you.

The competition holder

If your solution to website marketing involves the regular running of competitions, you're a fun-loving, "glass-half-full" kind of person.

This approach to marketing drives engagement - something that appeals to your extroverted personality. That said, many people enter competitions with no intention of ever buying your brand, which points to the fact that you're not a very results- orientated person.

If you're constantly on the lookout for ways in which to incorporate competitions, it's more than likely that you actively seek out new ways for your market to enjoy interacting with your brand - after all, if they're not having fun, you're not doing it right.

The old school marketer

You tend to treat your website as a supporting act for your big-budget, offline marketing campaigns. You've lost touch with the world of marketing, and are of the belief that a TV or radio advert is the best way to convince your market to purchase your product.

What's more, the content on your website can only be understood by people who've seen your offline campaigns. Most telling of all is the fact that your digital strategy makes up the smallest percentage of your marketing budget. Your favourite pastime? Reminiscing on how "back in the day", you could place a newspaper advert, sit back, and watch the sales roll in.

The social media maven

The life of the party, you enjoy actively engaging with your consumers across several channels. You're quick-witted and solution driven, which makes using social media as a website marketing tool the perfect fit. You're able to think on your feet, and understand your consumer's concerns and frustrations.

Being active on social media is a full-time concern, so it's also likely that you live life on the edge and often end up burning the candle at both ends as you attempt to keep up with how your consumers are interacting with your brand online.

The "big-picture" guy

You use multiple methods for your website marketing most importantly, understand that your target market consists of many different segments that respond in various ways.

You see your website marketing process as a multi-faceted endeavour, and take solace in the fact that all of your bases are covered. You prefer to carefully consider all aspects of your digital campaign, and see their integration as the most reliable way to ensure your website marketing is a success.

The big spender

Budgeting is not your forte, and you often end up splashing out on unnecessary purchases. If you're a male, you have a garage full of "toys for boys" - from bikes to fishing gear - you have it all. When it comes to your website marketing, you understand the importance it plays- but you aren't sure of the details - so you leave this up to your agency who often pull the wool over your eyes and claim that you must buy "the next greatest" digital marketing tool.

Your website marketing is constantly changing and because you think of your website marketing in terms of many separate campaigns, (as opposed to one, integrated and continuous campaign) this ends up costing you a lot of money!

Brands should aim to emulate the "Big picture" guy's approach when it comes to website marketing.

All of these personalities have pros and cons-even the archaic "old school marketer". Using a combination of these "personalities" will ensure that your offline campaigns are integrated and have optimal impact.

Our final words on the best approach to marketing your website? The next time you design your website marketing strategy, strive to emulate the "big picture guy," and then find a balance between the personalities above.

About Gareth Slaven

Gareth Slaven is CEO of Ensight, a marketing automation platform that delivers relevant, personalised communications, on the platforms and devices your audiences prefer. Twitter: @gthinking0