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What happens in Margate, shouldn't just stay in Margate

The Loeries weekend is officially over but it didn't go off without a few shenanigans here and there. While it may be very funny to name and shame the drunk and disorderly, we're not going to. We're rather going to post their pics up on Facebook and poke fun at them that way. We've also handed out a few awards of our own.
The Bronze BizLoerie award goes to the frank DDB SA employee in the shuttle who, on the way back to the Margate Hotel after Sunday night's awards ceremony, decided to make a public announcement that she didn't know what the DDB in DDB SA stood for. For her open honesty she gets the Employee of the Month Award (learn more about your company here).

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If you're still in Margate this morning, Monday, 28 July 2008, and you make your way down towards Wimpy, you'll notice the Loeries banner on the skirting has been removed. Security was tricked into believing it was the Loeries eventing team working hard at 4am. It was actually ripped off by a kleptomaniac who couldn't leave Margate without a few souvenirs. Not only did he manage to swipe a Loeries banner but two Heineken flags and a Captain Morgan Spice Gold flag from Johnny Rocket as well. For his persistence and craftiness he is awarded the Silver BizLoerie for Crafty Klepto of 2008.

On Friday 25 July, an Amstel bottle mysteriously appeared on the kitchen counter in the Bizcommunity apartment. It was a bit baffling since the only other person with access would have been the cleaning lady and it was hard to picture her throwing back a beer while dusting up. The mystery that had been bothering us all weekend was finally solved last night when the culprit came out of the shadows and confessed that he had been let in by the cleaning lady. He thought he was at his apartment as it's really easy to confuse 110 with 101 when you've had an Amstel or two. This piece of work wins a Gold BizLoerie for his cunning and sneakiness and is awarded Margate's Man of Mystery 2008.

If you didn't get yourself uproariously knackered this weekend, the window period has officially passed. Goodbye Loeries 2008; goodbye Margate!

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Sindy Peters (@sindylp) is managing editor at She can be reached at .
It wasn't just one guy who got all the of the Heineken flags is now hanging in OUR office. :) We'll post proof...but where? heehee.
Posted on 29 Jul 2008 11:03
Sorry about that-
its time to confess, yes i was let into your room by the cleaning lady and thrilled to hear that i have won a gold... thanks michael bladeworks
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 12:51
Thanks for the silver-
That big Loeries banner is already in Cape Town and it's probably also going up in our office. ha. Didn't realize you were on the job Sindy. We would've been more secretive.
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 13:03
Sindy Peters
You actually deserved gold for your other daring indisrection-
Ha ha...a good journalist is always on the job :-p I don't suppose you've seen this one then...caught red handed :-) - Could have went either way on this one :-)
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 14:30
That's great! How do we get in contact with you?
Posted on 30 Jul 2008 19:45