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Biz's got talent!

"It is this full spectrum of representation of the workforce in our region that makes up the dynamic Bizcommunity 'ecosystem', where every single entity counts in making up the whole."
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It's no secret that Bizcommunity's portfolio of industry news sites is fertile ground for career-oriented individuals and business leaders. Unpacking our 2014 recruiter stats explains what this really means to our readers, advertisers and communities as a whole:

1. Bizcommunity ranks

According to latest stats, 50% of people who found jobs off Bizcommunity were placed in mid- to senior management and executive positions, 40% in junior to mid-management positions and only 8% in entry level to junior management positions. In addition, Bizcommunity also has an estimated 2% readership of digitally active blue-collar workers looking for opportunities to upgrade to white collar work. It is this full spectrum of representation of the workforce in our region that makes up the dynamic and well-loved Bizcommunity brand culture and ecosystem.

2. Business mindset

Because Bizcommunity is a business-focused publication, it offers numerous opportunities for niche interests under the 20 main industry communities. While these may be diverse, one thing that all the Bizcommunity audiences have in common is a shared business- or career-focused mindset when on the site. This allows for accurate and effective communications to both broad and niche prospects via a variety of channels.

3. Insider information

The best part of Biz' communities, is that just by being on the site our audiences demonstrate that they are seeking to be actively and informed of key issues and opportunities in their sector. Corporate, SME, Association and individual participation creates a fertile networking environment, which enables all players.

4. Staying power

Bizcommunity's daily offering of top-quality, segmented business content is the drawcard which attracts a high-quality readership, who stay on the site longer; this offers plenty of opportunities for social activity and for industry experts to engage with content, advertising and each other.

6. Market intelligence

Company culture is increasingly becoming a company's strategic edge in attracting and retaining like-minded clients and staff. Knowing that fellow Bizcommunity readers are also immersed in their industry, ensures that communications on the site are targeted to prospects with a mindset to "DO BIZ"!

7. Biz' got talent

The above demographics are made up from the 68,000 job seekers who have posted their skills to the Biz CV database to date, which is available to all recruiters. More top-notch talent can be found in the upgraded People Directory, while contributor, company directories and Press Office listings all create the perceptions of vibrant opportunities, the most professional networking environment in our region, and even more reasons to join the ranks of the Bizcommunity.

So many ways to let your talents shine on Biz:
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