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Manufacturers improve sales with lead generation

Companies in traditionally business-to-business industries are often under the misapprehension that marketing initiatives are not for them. This is particularly true for the manufacturing sector, which is more sales dominant and less marketing oriented.
While you can't fault this point of view, because when it comes to industrial sales, companies are faced with a limited pool of potential customers, the fierce competition this breeds within an industry or a niche to go after the same customers makes marketing even more important.

Targeting the right people

It's all good and well having an amazing product but if it's a trade secret and you don't get out there and promote it to the correct people it's a waste of time. While manufacturers may not be able to shout 'buy now' like consumer-facing companies, don't fall into the trap of thinking that you don't have anything other than products to offer prospective customers. A creative manufacturer has many other options. Every manufacturing or industrial company wants more leads.

Just as consumers have started to do more research when evaluating products, so are businesses. As a manufacturer, it is very important to put in place methods that encourage and even capitalise on this opportunity to improve sales. External sales support incorporating new marketing services is becoming increasingly important for companies active in this sector, and outsourcing saves on costs and increases the efficiency of in-house sales specialists, who then have more time to devote to high-value interests.

Outsourcing lead generation providers

Customers use many tools and channels when looking for a company offering specific products or services. It would be nearly impossible, and very expensive, for you to insert yourself in all the channels sourcing professional use to discover suppliers. Outsourced lead generation efforts are the most effective way to reach business decision makers responsible for the purchase, upgrade and maintenance of industrial machinery, devices and other equipment sold by manufacturers.

In addition, conducting market research, and identifying and reaching customers are specialised marketing disciplines, and unless a manufacturer has a department specifically boasting those skills, marketing efforts become more hit-and-miss. Whether it's market research, appointment setting, or lead generation and sales consulting, getting to the right people to make a sale is an art. Without the experience and the knowledge of the marketing side of things, growing a manufacturing business can be challenging - no matter how good the technical side of the business.

Starting from target group definition and covering all those areas for which the sales team's particular expertise is not required, an outsourced lead generation provider is the most effective way to grow a business. This means your sales team can focus on their core tasks and will not waste time on tasks that others could fulfil just as well and often more effectively and with greater motivation.

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Louise Robinson is Sales Director at CG Consulting and Database360
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