Louise Robinson is Sales Director at CG Consulting and Database360
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Louise Robinson
[IT & Telecommunications] Specialist in genertaing addition revenue for clients through Telemarketing and databases
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Christmas is coming, time to hone in on leads

With the annual shut-down looming and sales and marketing teams scrabbling to meet targets, now is the time to focus on customers who want to buy the goods or services you have to offer...

By Louise Robinson 24 Jul 2015

Africa has never looked better

There is no doubt that Africa is on the up-and-up. Africa has the necessary elements to be a dominant, global, economic region. Its economy is the fastest growing of any other continent...

By Louise Robinson 25 Jun 2015

Avoid the April time crunch

Easter is just around the corner, so businesses of all sizes and from all sectors should be preparing to meet another business slowdown head-on...

By Louise Robinson 31 Mar 2015

Databases key to sales and marketing

Having valid, actionable databases of customers, be they current or potential, is a highly valuable marketing and sales tool, which can not only drive new business, but also boost profits and improve CRM...

By Louise Robinson 20 Mar 2015

Buy data with intent

Few people can afford to be as overindulgent as to buy something just for the sake of it, especially if it is a product or service that they have no or little use for themselves...

By Louise Robinson 8 Dec 2014

With holidays looming, get your sales pipeline ready for the new year

The calendar had barely ticked over to October when the signs began appearing everywhere: Christmas was around the corner - and it seems to strike earlier every year...

By Louise Robinson 5 Dec 2014

The cultural differences and doing business in Africa

Africa has been earmarked as a big growth market in which to operate, but you need to know what you're doing to achieve any kind of success in this dynamic environment...

By Louise Robinson 17 Oct 2014

Don't overlook databases in long-term marketing strategy

Customer databases have enormous value as a source of marketing data that can drive your business to boost sales, increase customer retention and satisfaction, and ultimately grow the bottom line...

By Louise Robinson 3 Oct 2014

You still have mail: Why email campaigns pay off

In this age of realtime advertising, as well as interactive, online video ads, a far more humble medium continues to remain popular as a marketing and lead generation tool: email.

By Louise Robinson 30 Sep 2014

Sales is a numbers game

Telesales staff have one of the toughest assignments in the sales department. They call many people on a daily basis, and more often than not, get abused for their trouble. Why do they do it? Because it works...

By Louise Robinson 8 Sep 2014

Manufacturers improve sales with lead generation

Companies in traditionally business-to-business industries are often under the misapprehension that marketing initiatives are not for them...

By Louise Robinson 1 Aug 2014

Accurate databases boost insurance sales

There is no doubt that knowledge is power, and any compilation of information is valuable. Databases are extremely hot commodities...

By Louise Robinson 17 Jul 2014

The importance of lead generation

Remember those good old days when you and your sales team's concerns didn't reach far beyond having to spread the word about the great product or service your company has to offer in order to be inundated with buyers?

By Louise Robinson 14 Jun 2014

With thought and planning, email marketing can be a blast

While 'email blast' is a term that comes with certain negative connotations, this can be reversed by sticking to the rules and following certain guidelines.

By Louise Robinson 26 May 2014

Why customer satisfaction surveys are important

According to statistics, a satisfied consumer will share a good customer service experience with two to three people, while an unhappy customer will tell between eight and ten people, sometimes as many as twenty.

By Louise Robinson 2 May 2014

How data profiling can help to keep your database fresh

Having an updated database that contains the names and contact details of both existing customers and prospective clients is one of the most vital marketing tools for a company of any size.

By Louise Robinson 21 Nov 2013

Outsourcing lead generation guarantees success

One thing that some small to medium business (SMB) owners find challenging is to delegate tasks to others, particularly during the early days when they are still nurturing a fledgling business.

By Louise Robinson 10 Nov 2013

Telemarketing: still effective for lead generation

Telemarketing tends to get a bad rap, because when it is done incorrectly or badly, it can be a great annoyance with which business owners risk driving prospective customers away and even alienating their existing ones.

By Louise Robinson 17 Oct 2013

Get the big boss on the phone

There is a belief that cold calls for the purpose of appointment setting leave many a recipient cold, but it is still cited as being the second most effective tool for growing one's business, second only to referrals.

By Louise Robinson 19 Sep 2013

Look to Africa to grow your sales channel

If you are sold on the idea of growing your sales channel into Africa, where do you begin? Do you just start to call up various businesses left right and centre, hoping that someone will enter into a partnership with you to buy or help you sell your own product or service?

By Louise Robinson 2 Sep 2013

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