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Episode 158: The BookMarks Awards 2016 advice and hospitality industry marketing.

Date: 26 Nov 2015
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Africa offers business opportunities

According to the World Bank, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa hit a record $60bn by the middle of this year. Yet, many multinational companies looking to expand across the continent are still wary of doing business in Africa...

26 Nov 2015 10:18

Data-driven marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are the genesis of organisational growth and success and while noble and necessary, as disciplines, they are not without their detractors...

By Kevin Lourens, Issued by NATIVE VML 24 Nov 2015 07:40

Clean data the cornerstone of a successful business strategy

Data is vital to organisations as it helps them understand their target audience better and adapt business strategies accordingly. Without recent, clean and accurate data...

17 Nov 2015 12:30

Want to know three ways to increase sales immediately?

The old way of selling is well and truly dead, in fact the stereotypical sales (wo)men we all knew back in the 80's and 90's send shivers up and down all our spines...

By John Sanei 16 Nov 2015 10:00

Sales lead generation makes up for short months

Given the plethora of public holidays, particularly in South Africa, there are effectively only 9 months in which to do the work of 12...

13 Nov 2015 07:41

The power of social media for business to business marketing

Social media is a conversation. For a business, it's a conversation that drives awareness and traffic, builds your brand loyalty, triggers opportunities and helps you connect with client needs...

By Tamsyn Kiddle 30 Oct 2015 11:02

Concise guide: Move from tell to sell

Telling and selling are not the same - It sounds obvious but marketers and salespeople confuse the two like it's nobody's business. Quite fitting because if that's the case, it will most likely be - nobody's business.

By Gary Wright, Issued by Powerhouse Advertising 20 Oct 2015 10:01

Outsourcing lead generation is effective

Businesses need qualified leads and the best way to do this is thorough lead generation or the process of establishing interest in products or services among a specific target market...

15 Oct 2015 10:53

The black swan in sales management

The only constant is change, but, when you least expect it, some black swan event takes place and alters your life...

By Duaan Dekker, Issued by Field Office 9 Oct 2015 10:59

Creating jobs and redefining the web design business model

South Africa has 24.9 million active internet users. While that may be disappointing, considering it's less than half the current population, one can't deny that the internet provides access to a huge target audience...

Issued by Duo Marketing 8 Oct 2015 11:44

Independent publishing compared to joining a sales house

Smaller publishers usually struggle with the same issues. Issues they wouldn't have if they would team up with a sales house. In the last couple of years we have seen publishers shifting towards, but also away from sales houses...

By Jessy Severins, Issued by DQ&A Media Group 7 Oct 2015 13:03

Announcing the SPARK Media Digital Sales Academy

SPARK Media, ensuring a continuous flow of quality digital personnel for the media industry, while 'future-proofing' the company, has announced a new expansion within the company: the SPARK Media Digital Sales Academy...

Issued by SPARK media 1 Oct 2015 11:53

The ultimate tips for marketers to increase leads and revenue - free e-book

Discover the 30 greatest B2B lead generation tips, tricks and ideas - your complimentary guide by Incite!...

Issued by Knowledge Resources 15 Sep 2015 12:47

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