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Biz Takeouts is back with BizTrends 2016 - Louise Marsland

Date: 4 Feb 2016
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Digital Sales Course created by SPARK Media and Red & Yellow

While there are many curriculums and courses for digital media, strategy, marketing, copywriting, social media, etc., none of them deal with the topic of selling the digital medium to marketers and agencies. SPARK Media together with Red & Yellow resolve the situation...

Issued by SPARK Media 11 hours ago

The real benefits of Saleboat

In the "What is Saleboat?" article, the idea of what exactly the platform does was reviewed from the perspective of both the sales representatives and sales managers. This article reviews the benefits of using Saleboat in your business...

Issued by Student Brands 3 Feb 2016

Sales and marketing guru joins TLC Marketing - Africa

TLC Marketing is excited to announce a new addition to their team, Lee-Anne Finlay who joins the agency as Sales Director...

Issued by TLC Marketing Worldwide 1 Feb 2016

What is Saleboat?

Saleboat is a multi-platform sales management application which gives more power and control to sales reps and managers...

Issued by Student Brands 21 Jan 2016

Six sales trends shaping industry

The sales environment of today is focused on selling value to clients rather than solutions or products, which demands a solid understanding of the client's requirements and highly skilled sales representatives...

11 Dec 2015

SMEs can improve festive season sales with big data

Small businesses that follow the lead of their larger counterparts by harnessing the power of big data to understand customer-buying trends better will increase profitability during busy holiday periods...

8 Dec 2015

The game of sales and marketing

While watching the CAF Confederations cup between Orlando Pirates and Tunisia, I couldn't help but notice a couple of 'sales and marketing relationship strategies' from the players...

By Cecilia Mohlala 2 Dec 2015

Boost sales with digital marketing

SMEs can boost festive season sales with social media and other digital marketing platforms to attract more customers and generate sales during the festive season...

1 Dec 2015

Africa offers business opportunities

According to the World Bank, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa hit a record $60bn by the middle of this year. Yet, many multinational companies looking to expand across the continent are still wary of doing business in Africa...

26 Nov 2015

Data-driven marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are the genesis of organisational growth and success and while noble and necessary, as disciplines, they are not without their detractors...

By Kevin Lourens, Issued by NATIVE VML 24 Nov 2015

Clean data the cornerstone of a successful business strategy

Data is vital to organisations as it helps them understand their target audience better and adapt business strategies accordingly. Without recent, clean and accurate data...

17 Nov 2015

Want to know three ways to increase sales immediately?

The old way of selling is well and truly dead, in fact the stereotypical sales (wo)men we all knew back in the 80's and 90's send shivers up and down all our spines...

By John Sanei 16 Nov 2015

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