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Ranking the Loeries

The 2010 Loerie Awards will have an official ranking of winners in order to provide a transparent report on the outcome of the awards, and to avoid different and sometimes confusing claims, the organisers announced on Wednesday, 12 May 2010.
A press release will be issued after the awards ceremonies in Cape Town - taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2010 - and will include the following Top 10 Rankings:
  1. Individual Agency;
  2. Top agencies by country;
  3. Agency Groups in South Africa;
  4. Agencies grouped by small, medium and large (based on number of employees);
  5. Top agencies by main category: Advertising, Communication Design, Experiential and Digital;
  6. Production Companies;
  7. Brand

"While there can be many ways of reporting on any competition, we have provided a thorough and fair process to accurately report on the results of the awards," says Loeries CEO, Andrew Human.

"The Creative Circle fully supports proposed points ranking system. Although we have not issued our own points system this past year, we believe there is huge value in a credible body such as this publishing a comprehensive report based on their results. Cannes Lions published their report for the first time last year and we expect other international award shows will soon follow suit," says Brett Morris, Creative Circle chairman and chief creative officer of Draftfcb.

Later, the Loeries will publish more extensive rankings, including Top 10 tables for all the individual credits, e.g. executive creative director, illustrator, writer, director, etc.

Each award given this year will receive points, the values of which are based on the probability of winning each award. The exact ranking methodology and the points per award are all provided at

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