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Men first! (But the ladies can take a peep as well)

The first men's lifestyle magazine ADAM has caused quite in Nairobi. CAROLE KIMUTAI caught up with ADAM editor - Oyunga Pala
Why the name ADAM?
We wanted a name that was instantly recognisable and one with a strong male association. Adam works perfectly.

What do men actually read?
A huge assortment of foreign ( US, UK and SA titles) male targeted magazines in the market as well as leading female magazine brands like True Love.

Did you conduct a market research before you launched and what were your findings?
We commissioned a local research company and the findings were that there was a yawning gap in the male magazine market. Adam was thus positioned to fill this gap.

Why do you think the Kenyan male audience is ready for a lifestyle magazine?
I think it is actually way over due. The Kenyan male is very cosmopolitan, well-groomed, stylish and quite conscious about his lifestyle choices. The male audience has also been regular consumers of international male titles. They deserve a product that speaks directly to them, in their voice.

Does the magazine cater for the other East Africa countries - Uganda and Tanzania?
Not yet, but it shall expand into Uganda and Tanzania as soon as the brand cements its presence in Kenya.

How you have positioned the magazine in the market?
Adam is a men's lifestyle magazine for the man who knows. It is a magazine by Kenyan men about Kenyan men. The tag line is ‘Men First'. Adam is a trusted friend and a mentor to its readers.

What kind of male reader does your magazine target?
Our reader is in his thirties, most probably in a steady relationship or married with one or two children. The target age is from 28-38, stretch to 45. He is educated, career minded and an ambitious urbanite. He is also fun-loving, well-groomed and hungry for knowledge that will help him succeed. He is peer-conscious and sees himself as an opinion leader and a dependable friend.

I assume the kind of reader your magazine targets is the young modern male, well educated and travelled and rather informed. What unique content will you provide to this kind of reader who most likely buys the daily newspaper, surfs the internet and maybe buys an international magazine?
We will have an entertaining, practical and motivational content. We will have features that cover all major areas of men's life, at work, at play and at home.

What is the market response so far?
The magazine has been received well both by male and female readers. It has only been in the market for less than a month but the general feedback is that Adam is a magazine that men have longed for.

What is your vision for the magazine?
We would like to grow into a strong brand that we might want to export into other markets all over Africa. We also promise to make a magazine that our readers will come to rely on, to keep them up to date, give them confidence and reassurance of their role in society, help them succeed by showing them what they can become and allow them to laugh at themselves and life in general.

What challenges did you face when putting the product together?
Numerous challenges associated with magazine production such as tight deadlines, but nothing that was particularly outstanding to mention here.

Where do you want the magazine to be in the next 1-5 years?
To be a value brand personality in the male market. A personality that will add value to the lives of our readers.

Are women allowed a peep?
By all means. In fact we predict that women will comprise a large segment of our readership.

About Carole Kimutai

Carole Kimutai is a writer and editor based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently an MA student in New Media at the University of Leicester, UK. Follow her on Twitter at @CaroleKimutai.