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Crop yields will fall within next decade due to climate change unless action is taken, says new study

Crop yields will fall within the next decade due to climate change unless immediate action is taken to speed up the introduction of new and improved varieties...

22 Jun 2016

Ancient African farming technique could help mitigate climate change

700-year-old African soil procedure could help offset global warming...

20 Jun 2016

#CGFSummit: Reap the rewards of doing business sustainably

'Shared-value sustainability' was a hot topic on the third and final day of the Consumer Goods Forum, with insights shared by Nestlé CEO and former Consumer Goods Forum co-chair, Paul Bulcke.

By Leigh Andrews 17 Jun 2016

Kia Motors to build auto mechanic training centres in East Africa

Kia Motors will build training centres for mechanics in Ethiopia and Kenya in a bid to contribute to their economies by providing education for young people...

1 Jun 2016

Nigeria's fight against bilharzia gets a major boost

Nigeria has taken delivery of the single, largest consignment of drugs to combat schistosomiasis (bilharzia), one of the most endemic tropical diseases the continent...

25 May 2016

#AfricaMonth: Adopting a new mentality to small-scale farming

It's necessary for smallholder farmers in Africa to innovate and form partnerships with organisations that can help them do so. In this, the farmers of Nakuru county has...

By Cari Van Wyk 23 May 2016

#AfricaMonth: Building real awareness of the situation in Africa

With more and more of Africa's fauna and flora under threat, many of the stories that came out of We Are Africa was the importance of conservation...

By Cari Van Wyk 19 May 2016

#AUW2016: Operationalising the water-energy nexus

Day 2 of African Utility Week looked at the cornerstones of sustainable development - energy, water and food security - and how they need to developed in unison to achieve the ambitious goals of COP21,,.

By Nicci Botha 19 May 2016

Is food security and tobacco growing incompatible in Africa?

The SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment estimates that an alarming 16% of the region's population are food insecure...

By Reuben Maigwa 18 May 2016

Africa's first private satellite - designed by schoolgirls

Africa is about to launch its first private satellite...

By Mary Alexander 17 May 2016

Ford announces major SA job training investment

Ford Motor Company Fund has announced the creation of a new job training and entrepreneurial development centre that will assist approximately 200 people a year, part of a five-year, $4m...

17 May 2016

Developing a community of health

A proposed community living centre (CLC), focusing on primary healthcare, could go a long way in reducing the high number of maternal deaths in Kenya...

13 May 2016

Social entrepreneurs provide sustainable solutions for Africa

Social entrepreneurs provide sustainable solutions for Africa' development priorities...

3 May 2016

Digitizing agriculture and growing knowledge

We spoke to Magnus Rambraut about how digitizing the industry can...

By Cari Van Wyk 18 Apr 2016

Getting seeds where it's needed

A promising opportunity for reaching smallholder farmers in developing countries with crops that can help them respond to challenges such as climate change and malnutrition...

12 Apr 2016

Decline of bees, other pollinators, threatens crop output

Populations of bees, butterflies and other species important for agricultural pollination are declining, posing potential risks to major world crops...

29 Feb 2016

It's officially Design Month on Biz

Traditionally February is dedicated to all things design on Biz. This year we're rolling out the design theme, with a multi-industry Design Month feature on how design is influencing 20 sectors locally and globally...

Issued by 1 Feb 2016

Women in News has first 2016 Africa meeting

The Women in News (WiN) initiative, an editorial leadership programme for African women working in media, launched its sixth year in 2016...

21 Jan 2016

AIDF Africa Summit to focus on improving aid delivery in East Africa

The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) will be hosting its Africa Summit on 2 and 3 February at the United Nations Conference Centre...

15 Jan 2016

Climate smart agriculture key to development

Research by NEPAD through the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme shows that climate change effects are becoming more frequent...

11 Dec 2015

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