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Oppenheim Architecture designs GLF headquarters in Miami

Oppenheim Architecture has completed a new office complex near the Miami River. The building comprises large shifted concrete volumes to provide a flexible office space and big open spaces throughout the building.
All images © Karen Fuchs

Commissioned by international engineering and construction company GLF Construction Cooperation, the company wanted from the architects a bold and contemporary facility to establish the firm's strong presence in Miami with a new company headquarters.

Taking cues from its adjacent context and scale - citing both the inherent industrial and nautical overtones of the location, Oppenheim Architecture designed a modest, simple but elegant building featuring large floor plates that allow user flexibility and evoke the feeling of open space.

The new office building, which is in a deep harmony with its surroundings, reflects a smooth transition in its own context. Inside includes office and studio space, conference rooms, lounges, balconies and common areas that maximise both interior and exterior views.

All images © Karen Fuchs

Transparency and simplicity

Set on the banks of the Miami River, at the junction of Overtown and Little Havana, transparency and simplicity are key elements in this office complex, situated near the Miami River, according to the architects.

The four-storey structure resembles a stack of shipping containers – a common spectacle visible from the project site – strategically arranged to create large unique volumes and sheltered spaces that accommodate various uses.

All images © Karen Fuchs

To create a timeless piece, the architects used concrete, steel and glass as the major materials. "The elegant, yet simple, exterior is the perfect amalgamation of raw steel accents, pristine glass windows and the exposed concrete that envelops each rectangular form," explained Oppenheim Architecture.

Article originally published on World Architecture Community.
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