Boris Dzhingarov
HR mistakes that will cost businesses a lot of money

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which a company's HR departments will fail. It is really important that human resources work as they should. A failure to do this will cost the business money and few businesses actually know that this is happening. They will eventually figure it out when a fine appears but it is always better to take care of problems before they appear. With this in mind, here are some mistakes that have to be avoided at all costs.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

#WomensMonth: Celebrating the rise of the digital mom
#WomensMonth: Celebrating the rise of the digital mom

When it comes to flexible work, women - and moms in particular - are really leading the charge in changing the way that they structure their lives to find a more balanced approach to meeting multiple demands.

By Phillipa Geard 3 days ago