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Top copywriting rules

Last week I wrote about how long the copy in your advertisement should be, but over and above this you might want to remember the following top copywriting rules.

By Chris Brewer 8 Feb 2016 12:00

Presenting the Wall of Kakness, where bad ideas go to die…
#DesignMonth [Behind the Selfie] with... Artwell Nwaila

This week, we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Artwell Nwaila, the creative director at SuperSport and publisher at SA Creatives who's big on tech and all things 'design'.

By Leigh Andrews 3 Feb 2016 08:00

Future marketing
Future marketing

I have come to the realisation that we as humans are changing the way we react to marketing at a ridiculous pace. We expect different things from companies than we did last year.

By Zane Ford 2 Feb 2016 13:34

Coca-Cola launches 'one brand' strategy - The Redzone
Coca-Cola launches 'one brand' strategy

Coca-Cola's "one brand" marketing strategy is coming to South Africa on March 1. Launched in the UK last March, the global strategy brings all four products - Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life - under the Coca-Cola master brand rather than marketing each separately.

By Lynette Dicey, Issued by The Redzone 2 Feb 2016 12:33

Provantage Media Group acquires Green Advertising - Provantage Media Group
Provantage Media Group acquires Green Advertising

Leading out of home company Provantage Media Group is proud to announce that they have acquired a controlling share in specialist media owner Green Advertising. Green Advertising has media rights at the top 170 golf courses in South Africa and will add yet another highly sought-after out of home environment to Provantage Media Group's portfolio.

Issued by Provantage Media Group 2 Feb 2016 09:49

Game, set, Brand Match!
Game, set, Brand Match!

Adrian Naude, Pick n Pay's marketing director, explains just how Brand Match fulfils Pick n Pay's commitment to saving customers time and money and why John Robbie was selected as a specific ambassador in this regard, given carte blanche in investigating the efficacy of the promise...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Feb 2016 06:00

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Does length matter?

How long should your copy be - given that we now live in a world of 140 characters and time is now a really scarce commodity?

By Chris Brewer 1 Feb 2016 12:00

Grey gets Luck(in)!
Grey gets Luck(in)!

Grey Africa appointed Fran Luckin as its chief creative officer as of 1 February 2016. In this exclusive interview, Luckin shares some of the exciting plans she intends bringing to life once she's settled into the agency.

By Leigh Andrews 1 Feb 2016 10:00

Web design predictions for 2016 - 360eight
Web design predictions for 2016

Thanks to the ever-evolving world around us, the primary objective of digital designers is not only to design fluid experiences but also to allow visual consistency to flow into multiple device interfaces. Sounds pretty straightforward right?

Issued by 360eight 29 Jan 2016 14:12

The Women in News editors and senior journalists from Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. Rwandan Women in News journalists will join the programme soon.
Women in News has first 2016 Africa meeting

The Women in News (WiN) initiative, an editorial leadership programme for African women working in media, launched its sixth year in 2016.

21 Jan 2016 12:30

Future-ready Marketing Conference: Marketing 2020 - Thriving in the age of the connected consumer
Future-ready Marketing Conference: Marketing 2020 - Thriving in the age of the connected consumer

To stay ahead of trends and your competition, it won't help to hide behind a computer screen - you have to get out there, get personal, keep your mind sharp, learn from other experiences, and collaborate with fellow marketers and experts in the field!

Issued by Knowledge Resources 19 Jan 2016 12:41

[BizTrends 2016] Change is the new constant
[BizTrends 2016] Change is the new constant

Just when clients and agencies alike thought they had digital nailed, things changed - and quickly. This is what it means to operate in the contemporary media environment; change is the new constant.

By Shireen Jaftha 18 Jan 2016 11:00

Laine Barnard
The story of the African consumer

Trying to define the average African consumer is near impossible. Tastes and shopping habits are unique to each country, with differences found between regions and even cities within a country.

By Laine Barnard 3 Jun 2014 08:59

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