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A new measurement paradigm that is ideal for ad testing

One of the difficulties of advertising research is to determine the dimensions to measure.

By mike broom 23 Jun 2017

#CannesLions2017: Radio shortlist
#CannesLions2017: Radio shortlist

The Cannes Lions Radio shortlist has been released, with many SA campaigns making the cut!

22 Jun 2017

Facebook Africa's new forward-looking office space
Facebook Africa's new forward-looking office space

JOHANNESBURG: Nunu Ntshingila, the regional director of Facebook Africa, recently gave some members of the media a tour of its new office at Culross on Main in Bryanston, which not only represents Facebook's vision for openness and connectivity but its connectedness with its staff who are very much seen as humans with a social life beyond the workplace.

By Jessica Tennant 22 Jun 2017

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Outsurance's Father's Day debacle is a wake-up call for business to understand social issues

A few Mother's Days ago Bic insulted women, then there was Helen Zille, Rivers Church, Spur Steakranches, Chris Hart and Penny Sparrow. The list of social media disasters goes on and on. It is almost inevitable that your company will experience the wrath of social media some time in the future. Probably in the next year to 18 months. Worldwide surveys have established that only 30% of companies have a crisis plan in place.

By Walter Pike 21 Jun 2017

Bonfire Media drives attention to The Afropolitan magazine's 50th edition gala
Bonfire Media drives attention to The Afropolitan magazine's 50th edition gala

To mark its 50th edition, The Afropolitan, a magazine that celebrates the rise of the new cosmopolitan African style, hosted a gala evening on 1 June 2017. The theme was ‘Then and Now' to mark the milestones that have been achieved over the past 10 years and to offer a glimpse into the future of the publication. To ensure the smooth roll-out of PR and social media campaigns and post-event publicity, Bonfire Media invited and briefed top influencers, media and VIPs.

Issued by Mbongiworks 20 Jun 2017

ParkFind - the solution to Cape Town's parking woes
ParkFind - the solution to Cape Town's parking woes

Ask any office worker, company representative, business person or housewife what the most annoying thing about driving in Cape Town is and they'll tell you: it's the difficulty of finding a good parking spot in Cape Town! As this busy cosmopolitan city grows in stature and size, parking space is at a premium, wherever you go. Our client, Street Parking Solutions, is a Cape Town-based company that manages parking marshals in and around the city's busy central districts. They provide parking management solutions to on-street and off-street parking sectors, using a combined approach that involves people, technology and effective processes. When they needed unique and effective assistance with solving some of Cape Town's parking woes, they approached us for a mobile solution.

Issued by 4i 20 Jun 2017

Call on industry to support ASA and self-regulation of advertising
Call on industry to support ASA and self-regulation of advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority's business rescue plan was accepted at the AGM on 25 April 2017, but the ASA has a long way to go before it is ‘safe'. The new acting CEO, Gail Schimmel, is requesting that the industry support self regulation of advertising.

20 Jun 2017

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Do you learn anything at conferences?

I've always thought that conferences and seminars were a little ho-hum. However, I went to one recently and I have to admit that I really did learn a lot.

By Chris Brewer 19 Jun 2017

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Harnessing the skills of the future

Whitney Houston perhaps summed it up best when she crooned about the children being our future.

By Sharon Piehl 16 Jun 2017

Micro influencers: a sweet opportunity
Micro influencers: a sweet opportunity

Paid advertising is not trusted and ad blocking is only growing. Even bloggers are failing when it comes to communicating and engaging with consumers, as trust between brands and consumers continues to fall. But there is a new kid on the block and he is eager to engage; enter the influencer.

By Danette Breitenbach 15 Jun 2017

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The changing face of digital agencies - adapt or die

Over the past two decades, the digital world has undergone a rapid evolution - from marketing mix newcomer, to a mandatory (yet not fully understood) element of brand communications

By Tom Fels 15 Jun 2017

Journalist and political commentator, Max du Preez
Has SA finally hit the reset button?

If, for no other reason, I'm glad I'm a South African it's because this country is never boring. I mean where else in the real world, does the skinniving, intrigue, and corruption offer more plot twists than Game of Thrones?

By Nicci Botha 14 Jun 2017

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What does it mean to be 'cool' and 'relevant' in brand building?

Brands across the board, especially South African brands, are failing dismally with regards to being relevant, particularly when it comes to the so-called millennials (by the way, by virtue of pursuing this target segment, does not automatically make your brand 'cool' or 'relevant').

By Bogosi Motshegwa 14 Jun 2017

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