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#CEMAfrica2017: "Be an experience business or be out of business" - Adobe

CEM Africa attendees were presented with a choice of workshops to attend throughout the two-day summit. As the Summit was completely sold out, these sessions were limited to 30 attendees max and it really was a tough choice deciding which to sit in on. I'm so glad I went with the session by James McDonald, solution consultant at Adobe, on how to be an experience-driven business. Here's why.

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

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#CEMAfrica2017: Your employees are always on - now TRUST THEM

You hired your employees for what they bring to the business and have trained them up on all your brand stands for, but do you trust them enough to run with their own ideas of the best customer experience? Chantel Botha of BrandLove shares why you need to cut the cord and let them do so at the first day of CEM Africa 2017.

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

Simply put? Cut the red tape and empower your staff. Scott Griessel © –
#CEMAfrica2017: CX predictions for the future, action to take TODAY

Customer experience or CX is undoubtedly a hot topic for your brand, but if all you do is talk about it in your silos, chances are you'll be left in the dust by your competitors who are taking those insights into what consumers want and making a change. Here's why you need to cut the red tape and take the plunge yourself, from the opening panel of CEM Africa 2017.

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

Cash is no longer king. All hail digitisation
Cash is no longer king. All hail digitisation

Cold, hard cash has been on the decline in mature first world economies since the 1990s when electronic banking started becoming popular. In recent years, countries such as India, South Korea and France have started regulating the use of cash to further reduce its usage, often with transaction thresholds or by eliminating certain note denominations.

By Peter Alkema 14 Aug 2017