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Louise Marsland
[TrendTalk] Is social media all hype?

OMW! Could it be true - is social media all just hype of its own making? Are brands actually wasting time and money on Facebook, Twitter and the like, as Forrester Research said this week - ICYMI? Awkward!

By Louise Marsland 21 Nov 2014 09:21

'Sima and Shakes'-ing up Cremora's ads - not inside, still on top?
'Sima and Shakes'-ing up Cremora's ads - not inside, still on top?

There comes a time when those much-loved classics start to look a little dated. Advertising's no different, with Cremora the latest in the clutch of brands to come up with an ad revival a few weeks ago...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Nov 2014 08:00

Vodacom and Zappar bring the iPhone 6 to life with Augmented Reality
Vodacom and Zappar bring the iPhone 6 to life with Augmented Reality

"Just on two million South African consumers now have Augmented Reality on their smart- phones through the MyVodacom app..."

Issued by Integrat 20 Nov 2014 10:04

Marion Scher
Snake oil or genius?

I recently spoke to the Association of Dietetics South Africa on dealing with the media - a hot topic for them these days with all the controversy around Banting and the LCHF diet... And of course, dare I say it, Professor Tim Noakes...

By Marion Scher 20 Nov 2014 06:50

Jeff Osborne
Car dealerships' ad spending "misaligned with customers"

The process of buying a car has changed drastically over the last few years - most significantly, self-educated customers have made a decision long before they enter a physical dealership, minimising the influence of the sales staff. Most purchases (as much as 70%) being with research conducted on a search engine, and most car buyers will consult no fewer than 7 sources before coming to a decision.

By Jeff Osborne 20 Nov 2014 06:45

Are we settling for mediocre customer service? - Ipsos
Are we settling for mediocre customer service?

The voice of the consumer has come to the fore in the last week with the dramatic events surrounding the banner that was erected by a disgruntled Cell C customer. The banner proclaimed Cell C to be "The most useless service provider in SA - Cell C Sandton City" and has brought the issue of customer experience under scrutiny.

Issued by Ipsos 19 Nov 2014 15:12

Service: two wrong feet and ugly shoes
Service: two wrong feet and ugly shoes

What a swirl of service-siren crazy we've been treated to. Not the mad kind, the good kind - and finally! Because service is bollocks in South Africa and peeps be getting tired of having to lick their own. Cell C got called out on a massive billboard, another was hitched to the back of a car telling on FNB, there was the tweet-storm around a frog found in a Woolies salad, our home-grown trends analyst set out to anti-trend Fly SAA via his Instagram feed for being delayed, and yours truly let MTN know that the MacBook is mightier than the sword[1].

By Dylan Balkind 19 Nov 2014 08:39

Andre Steenekamp
Content trickery alienates audiences rather than engaging their attention

Brands, agencies and publishers need to take a consumer-friendly approach to digital native advertising that emphasises transparency and value to the reader, if they want it to strengthen rather than damage their brands.

By Andre Steenekamp 18 Nov 2014 14:25

Tauriq Moosa
Corporate sponsorships and your business

Brands and logos of companies are everywhere at entertainment events, and even feature at events that have the capacity to change the course of history...

By Tauriq Moosa 18 Nov 2014 08:15

Pro-African, pro-travel #BeEbolaSmart campaign launched
Pro-African, pro-travel #BeEbolaSmart campaign launched

Luxury inbound travel operator Safari365, in partnership with Cape Town Twitter celebrity James Costello (@jamescapetown), has launched a pro-African, pro-travel social media campaign titled #BeEbolaSmart, in an aim to alleviate fears and sensationalism regarding the current Ebola outbreak.

17 Nov 2014 07:32

Chris Moerdyk
It's time for a war on the digital chokers

I received an email from a colleague this week asking me to sign a petition against local cellular networks taking 50% profit from revenue generated by SMS text messaging in aid of charity...

By Chris Moerdyk 15 Nov 2014 08:29

A lesson for Cell C - you could have turned a moan into a tribute
A lesson for Cell C - you could have turned a moan into a tribute

Suhana Gordhan:* Advertising wizard David Ogilvy said: "The consumer is not a moron. She's your wife." I love this quote because it humanises the consumer in a way that many brands don't. The consumer is not a biological virus to be studied in a fish bowl. Consumers are so human - flawed, unpredictable, forgiving and very powerful. The consumer is your wife, your girlfriend and your dad. Some days they will adore you and some days they won't.

14 Nov 2014 10:00

Those Sea Point glasses: Social media missing the point?
Those Sea Point glasses: Social media missing the point?

Comments on the Sea Point #perceivingfreedom art installation have been flowing thick and fast... and faster now than before with tweets that the installation caught fire...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Nov 2014 08:19