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Twitter tips for medium-term tweeps - 14 Apr 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Do you consider yourself as a medium-term tweep who doesn't need another silly Twitter etiquette lesson? Well then, have a look Tiffany Markman's ten Twitter tips for non-newbie tweeters like you. In other news, Times Media Group has acquired a 49% stake in Radio Africa, while Woolworths has announced its expansion plan into Africa over the next three years. read more

Africa is inspiring... - 7 Apr 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] We are excited about our opportunity to interview the Loeries Africa Committee and so far we've chatted to Denford Mangora from Jericho Advertising in Zimbabwe as well as Ulric Charteris from Root225 in Tanzania. Interestingly enough, when asked what inspires them at the moment, they both said "Africa". read more

yuMobile purchase approved - 31 Mar 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has approved the applications of Safaricom and Airtel to acquire yuMobile, just a few hours shy of the deadline for approval. The commission has now provided a six months transition period that will cater for the transfer of the services from Essar Telecom Limited to the two applicants. Daryn Smith shares insight on what your marketing agency focus should be on when it comes to brand building vs ROI. In other news, make sure you check out the highlights of the Loeries Africa Roadshow's stop in Nairobi. read more

Did your favourite ad make the list? - 24 Mar 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Millward Brown has announced the Best Liked Ads from Q4 2013 with Coca-Cola's 'Share A Coke With Bobby' taking the number one spot. Have a look and see if your favourite ad made the list... read more

Shedding light on retail in Africa - 17 Mar 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] For retailers wanting to know how best to enter sub-Saharan Africa, a new study by global strategy consultancy firm A.T. Kearney shows that Rwanda, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania and Gabon occupy the top five places of the inaugural A.T. read more

Long live the brand - 10 Mar 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Nicolle Velleman reckons brands are more than product features. She says a brand is not a name, visual identity, logo, product or tagline - though these are common misconceptions. read more

Celebrating 10 years of Design Indaba coverage - 3 Mar 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Time sure flies when you're having fun! As media partner to the event, Bizcommunity this year celebrates 10 years of bringing you indepth design opinion coverage at Design Indaba. Read about Issa Diabate's talk on designing the future of urban Africa and catch up on some of the other conference sessions in our Design Indaba special section. read more

Just how much does mobile advertising influence affluent consumers? - 24 Feb 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] A global survey, conducted by Millward Brown on the impact of mobile advertising on affluent consumers, has been released by BBC World News. read more

Get the full 2014 Biz Trends package - 17 Feb 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Finally, what you've all been waiting for, your full package of 2014's Biz Trends now available at the click of a button. In addition, this year you have the option of downloading the PDF or viewing it as a digital magazine, or both! Do remember to keep your eyes peeled mid-year when we will be revisiting all of these trends - should be interesting! In today's newsletter, Honore Gasa writes about how, despite the need for innovation and a history of getting it right, South African businesses are not innovating. read more

Healthy things grow - 10 Feb 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Kagiso Media is aiming to grow its Africa partnerships to take advantage of the growing demand for content, both digital and in broadcasting. A never ending discussion, which I believe will certainly continue this year, is growth in Africa and Kagiso can only but benefit from from stepping into these markets. read more

The social but cash-strapped consumer of 2014 - 3 Feb 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Our annual Trends series is slowly winding down, with the last pieces being published this week. Gordon Geldenhuys has dubbed 2014 the year of the social consumer. read more

What will your focus be in 2014? - 27 Jan 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] In her trends piece, Tarryn Pitchers writes about marketing for advertising - the top three forward-looking ideas affecting the industry this year. They are: A growing tribe of agency marketers, a hub-and-spoke structure, and great clients mean great people. read more

Africa is on trend... - 20 Jan 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] If you still aren't completely sure if 'Africa is rising' or gaining ground in the industry, perhaps Oresti Patricios will be able to convince you. In his 2014 trends piece he says that Africa is surely on trend. read more

A clean slate for 2014 - 13 Jan 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Need a fresh start in 2014? Juliette Attwell answers some questions on whether January is a good time to look for a new job and also clarifies what constitutes valid reasons for leaving your current job. Speaking of employment, Tony O. read more    (2 Comments)

2014, we are ready for you! - 8 Jan 2014

[Ilse van den Berg, @Biz_Africa] Well, welcome back to all in our Biz Africa community! Hope you all had a wonderful break, and if you didn't have a break, I hope you will have one soon. We are already a week into the new year and things are slowly but surely starting to pick up. read more