Marketing & Media events

28 Jul 2014Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
28 Jul 2014The business writing toolkitCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Creative writing coursesCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Red & Yellow Email Marketing courseCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Red & Yellow Mobile Marketing courseCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Public Relations PracticeRandburg
28 Jul 2014Public Relations 2.0: WEB - Social media & networkRustenburg
28 Jul 2014Public Relations 2.0: WEB - Social Media & NetworkRustenburg
28 Jul 2014Next newsroom managementGrahamstown
28 Jul 2014SmartReading workshopsJohannesburg
28 Jul 2014Search Engine Optimisation professional programJohannesburg
28 Jul 2014Red & Yellow Marketing StrategyCountrywide
28 Jul 2014Graphic design intro short courseSandton
28 Jul 2014Search engine optimisation professional programJohannesburg
28 Jul 2014Protocol and etiquettePretoria
28 Jul 2014Ignite your life courseSandton
28 Jul 2014Computer graphic design coursePretoria
28 Jul 2014Invitation to office administrationJohannesburg
29 Jul 2014Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
29 Jul 2014Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
29 Jul 2014Web writing and SEOCountrywide
29 Jul 2014Die tydskrifjoernalistieke kursusCountrywide
29 Jul 2014Break through your writing barriersCountrywide
29 Jul 2014Strategic marketing for thinkersCape Town
29 Jul 2014Strategic marketing for thinkersCape Town
29 Jul 2014Strategic marketing for thinkersDurban
29 Jul 2014Strategic marketing for thinkersJohannesburg
29 Jul 2014Proofreading and editingRandburg
29 Jul 2014Build a profitable online businessCape Town
29 Jul 2014Leadership conversation with Sifiso DabengwaJohannesburg
30 Jul 2014Write for travel magazinesCountrywide
30 Jul 2014Write better newslettersCountrywide
30 Jul 2014Writing for social mediaCountrywide
30 Jul 2014How to write books for childrenCountrywide
30 Jul 2014High Impact PresentationsJohannesburg
30 Jul 2014Commercial Mediation TrainingCape Town
30 Jul 2014Future of media and advertisingIllovo
30 Jul 2014Grow your business expoPolokwane (Pietersburg)
30 Jul 2014Personal networking as a business toolPietermaritzburg
31 Jul 2014Online copywriting courseCountrywide
31 Jul 2014Press release and media writingCountrywide
31 Jul 2014Write a novel courseCountrywide
31 Jul 2014Start writing your memoirCountrywide
31 Jul 2014Showcase 2014Johannesburg
31 Jul 2014SmartReading workshopsCape Town
31 Jul 2014Women in Leadership - How she does itJohannesburg
31 Jul 2014
Changes to SA Immigration Laws: HR and management
SA's Immigration Laws have changed. Keep up to date with our seminar.
Global Migration SASandton
31 Jul 2014The social brandDunkeld
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