Marketing & Media courses & workshops

1 Sep 2014Red & Yellow Agency Project Management courseCountrywide
1 Sep 2014Infinity achiever's workshopDurban
2 Sep 2014vivaLDI: Leading Digital Initiatives for Proj.MngtCape Town
2 Sep 2014The Writing Coach CourseCountrywide
2 Sep 2014The Grammar Skills Course (English 2nd Language)Countrywide
2 Sep 2014Writing for the Web CourseCountrywide
2 Sep 2014Die Tydskrifjoernalistieke KursusCountrywide
2 Sep 2014Understanding contracts for effective controlCape Town
2 Sep 2014Website design and developmentCape Town
2 Sep 2014Website design and developmentCape Town
3 Sep 2014Travel WritingCountrywide
3 Sep 2014Write Better NewslettersCountrywide
3 Sep 2014Writing for Social MediaCountrywide
3 Sep 2014Write a children’s bookCountrywide
3 Sep 2014Stakeholder relationship managementRustenburg
3 Sep 2014Restyle, review and redesign your lifePretoria
4 Sep 2014Copywriting for print, digital media and the webCountrywide
4 Sep 2014How to write a press releaseCountrywide
4 Sep 2014Write a novel courseCountrywide
4 Sep 2014Write your memoirCountrywide
4 Sep 2014Fundamentals of customer servicesJohannesburg
5 Sep 2014Finesse: The usability courseCape Town
5 Sep 2014Poetry course for beginnersCountrywide
5 Sep 2014FiksiekursusseCountrywide
5 Sep 2014Broadcast journalism courseCountrywide
5 Sep 2014The Basics of Creative WritingCountrywide
5 Sep 2014Writing for Video GamesCountrywide
5 Sep 2014Social media marketing for businessJohannesburg
6 Sep 2014Spring special Photoshop coursePretoria
6 Sep 2014Gold Charity DinnerCape Town
8 Sep 2014@TRACTION: The email marketing courseJohannesburg
8 Sep 2014Write and sell articles for magazinesCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Business writing skills courseCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Grammar for writersCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Creative writing coursesCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Red & Yellow Digital PR courseCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Red & Yellow CRM courseCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
8 Sep 2014
Red & Yellow
Red & Yellow digital marketing course
10-week digital marketing course in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch Business School.
Red & YellowCountrywide
8 Sep 2014Public Relations 2.0: WEB - Social Media & NetworkMiddelburg
8 Sep 2014Search marketing workshopJohannesburg
9 Sep 2014PROFOUND: The Search Engine Marketing CourseJohannesburg
9 Sep 2014“Get your money” workshopCape Town
10 Sep 2014Hana Hana: The social media marketing courseJohannesburg
10 Sep 2014Social media boot camp - hands-on courseCape Town
11 Sep 2014Gambit - The digital strategy courseJohannesburg
11 Sep 2014Double Up - sales training by Richard MulveyJohannesburg
11 Sep 2014Learning the art of community buildingFourways
11 Sep 2014Movement marketing masterclassJohannesburg
12 Sep 2014Balance - The digital analytics courseJohannesburg
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