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Image via Pixabay
African growth opportunity is a tweet away

The African business landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Africa has always been a mobile-centric hub, and with operators about to launch $30 smartphone handsets, the perfect storm is rapidly approaching...

By Sean Riley 8 Oct 2015 10:45

Graham Cruikshanks
How to build a strong agency network in Africa

What makes a strong and effective African network? Is it the number of partnerships that have been established with local agency businesses in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana...?

By Graham Cruikshanks 7 Oct 2015 06:00

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Three key reasons to avoid budget android phones

Android phones have seen a lot of amendments since it advent. From improved hardware to sophisticated operating systems and downgrades as well for budget types...

By Nkem Ndem V 6 Oct 2015 09:51

Verashni Pillay
EXCLUSIVE: Verashni Pillay new M&G Editor-in-Chief

The Mail & Guardian has appointed seasoned journalist, editor and digital strategist Verashni Pillay as its new Editor-in-Chief...

By Louise Marsland 5 Oct 2015 10:00

Winning in Africa's consumer market

Africa holds much promise, but also many pitfalls. To succeed on the continent, brands must learn from the failures and successes of others...

By Amelia Richards 1 Oct 2015 12:07

©michael spring via 123RF
People buy newspapers and magazines for news stories, not advertising

Over the years, advertising has lost its psychological influence and subliminal power. These days, consumers and the public in general value the information they find in respectable media sources...

By Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard 30 Sep 2015 11:49

©diego cervo via 123RF
Why reputation is important when it comes to email marketing

Email marketing is an efficient and easy way for businesses or service providers to stay connected with clients. It is much easier to reach your target audience via email...

By Charles Mburugu 29 Sep 2015 13:09

©Peter Bernik via 123RF
Strategies used by popular brands to make email more personalised

With more and more brands ushering towards unique email marketing strategies, building a strong customer base is more important than ever before. The urge can only be satisfied with more personalised email marketing efforts...

By Prashant Sengar 29 Sep 2015 10:25

Old business ways have changed over the years © Merve Türkan –
Technocalamity and Africa

"...When the tsunami of free technologies makes organisations look increasingly outdated, the same tsunamis can quadruple exports, innovative excellence and catapult into image supremacy... this makes technocalamity a new global age phenomena..." - Mentorian.

By Naseem Javed 28 Sep 2015 12:00

Image via Pixabay
The humble text message: Perfectly designed for mobile marketing

Mobile technology continues to find great acceptance in South Africa with the country now an impressive number six in the world when it comes to adoption of the mobile web...

By Mike Laws 25 Sep 2015 09:39

© Goce Risteski  –
2019: A tipping point for media

While South Africa's total entertainment and media advertising revenue is expected to grow to R51.1 billion in 2019, from R39.7 billion in 2014 - an increase of 5.6%, the advertising share of this mix will drop to 30% from 35% (2014) over the next four years...

By Danette Breitenbach 23 Sep 2015 14:00

© Maxim Evseev –
The importance of visual content in marketing

When it comes to online marketing, content is king. This is especially the case for visual content. Using the right kind of visuals will drive more traffic to your blog or site, and enhance the chances of your content being shared...

By Charles Mburugu 18 Sep 2015 13:53

Finding Africa's true prospects
Finding Africa's true prospects

African Prospects Indicator (APi) is the first ever report of its kind in the world. Released this week by Nielsen, APi is the culmination of 18 months of information collection and analysis into a ranking of sub-Saharan African countries...

By Danette Breitenbach 18 Sep 2015 09:22

Common mistakes Nigerians make on social media
Common mistakes Nigerians make on social media

It is not just America, Europe and Asia anymore; Africa now plays a huge role in fostering the social media craze and Nigeria, as always, is a vanguard of the trend...

By Nkem Ndem V 18 Sep 2015 07:13

[NewsMaker] Lee Curtis
[NewsMaker] Lee Curtis

Lee Curtis is General Manager of Posterscope SA. He will drive the overall day-to-day management for the strategy and planning teams. His main task is to develop new business alongside the management team...

By Louise Marsland 16 Sep 2015 09:42

Top social media tools for social media managers in Nigeria
Top social media tools for social media managers in Nigeria

Social media management has become one of the core focuses for marketers today. It is one of the most effective ways for any business to get more traffic and generate new leads...

By Nkem Ndem V 11 Sep 2015 09:43

[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently
[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently

If brands prize reaching consumers across all touch points wherever they are, why do media still have to justify using print to do the same?...

By Louise Marsland 11 Sep 2015 09:00

A long breath needed to invest into Africa
A long breath needed to invest into Africa

The 2nd African Retail Development Index, released on Tuesday, serves to emphasize once again that Africa has to be viewed as a set of different countries...

By Danette Breitenbach 10 Sep 2015 10:20

[Relentlessly Relevant] 1. Lessons on innovation from a Soweto street vendor
[Relentlessly Relevant] 1. Lessons on innovation from a Soweto street vendor

Take the off-ramp near Soweto, stop at just the right place, and you will meet a man who runs an unusual food stall. It isn't part of any retail chain you've ever heard of...

By Douglas Kruger 4 Sep 2015 12:00

These are Africa's 10 most successful brands on social media
These are Africa's 10 most successful brands on social media

Africa is an increasingly social continent. In 2014, announced that it had more than 100-million African users, accounting for more than half the continent's internet users.

By Stuart Thomas 3 Sep 2015 14:00

Africa's invisible sector: Caught up in complexity
Africa's invisible sector: Caught up in complexity

Having faced nasty bill shocks at month end, or struggled to get out of onerous mobile contracts, many consumers have long since made the switch to prepaid SIM cards...

By Hein Koen 28 Aug 2015 11:23

Business growth across Africa depends on more relevant business action and communication - Yellowwood Future Architects
Business growth across Africa depends on more relevant business action and communication

When looking to grow in African markets, many business owners have a vague understanding of how truly diverse and complex the continent really is...

By David Blyth, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 28 Aug 2015 08:08

We all live in a...
We all live in a...

Recently, in Upington, our waitress told us with a lot of pride that she lives in a brick house. Obviously brick houses are a type of differentiation that exists much like the status associated with living in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg...

By Erik du Plessis and Neil Higgs 26 Aug 2015 06:21

Craig Lowe
Today's travelers are lost (literally) without mobile connectivity

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, mobile connectivity is now a must-have...

By Craig Lowe 25 Aug 2015 06:21

Five start-up secrets for Nigerian women
Five start-up secrets for Nigerian women

For the majority of women in Nigeria, entrepreneurship is a necessity. There are no jobs or viable alternative options, however, from writing a business plan to coming up with a name to hiring employees, a start-up can seem overwhelming...

By Nkem Ndem V 21 Aug 2015 06:58

Your customer is not a dummy
Your customer is not a dummy

A few months ago, I came across one of the best documentaries I have ever watched: The greatest movie ever sold. If you haven't seen it, look for it. Morgan Spurlock made a movie fully financed by product placement...

By Esther Karuku 17 Aug 2015 08:19

[#WomenInBiz] Women making waves across Africa
[#WomenInBiz] Women making waves across Africa

In celebration of Women's Day, these African women are making strides in business across the continent. They've broken through the gender barriers and have become visionaries, leaders and an inspiration for young women all over the world...

By Beverley Klein 10 Aug 2015 06:14

[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?
[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?

Are you one of those people who has already created new job titles for yourself, delighting in the opportunity to use the word "Ninja" on your QR-coded/augmented reality, digital pop-up business card?...

By Louise Marsland 7 Aug 2015 09:25

Identifying your target market
Identifying your target market

Your target market is important when selling or conceptualising your product or service. You need to know who you're selling to. If you know your target market well, you know how to market your product and where it's value lies...

By Sophie Baker 7 Aug 2015 09:00

A sub-Saharan branding journey
A sub-Saharan branding journey

There is no doubt that Africa is on the rise and global brands are looking at the continent as very fertile ground for growth, but brands need to be aware of logistical and cultural factors...

By Graham Deneys 30 Jul 2015 14:00

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