Creative strategists - fact or fantasy?
Creative strategists - fact or fantasy?

In a business world that prizes "return on investment" just as much as "thinking outside the box," it makes perfect sense for companies to create a position for that illusive unicorn, the 'creative strategist'.

By Mari-Louise Kaplan 21 hours ago

Khuthalani Khumalo
The (elusive) art of writing a brief

I started working at the age of eighteen - thrust into the fast pace of a large advertising agency in a very small town, at a time when knowing how to send a fax was listed as a skill on your CV. Everything was done by hand - and there was only one computer in the building where everyone (CEO included) would take turns in reading their emails). Oh, for the nostalgia of those good old days, when yes meant yes, and you showed you liked something by saying so verbally.

By Khuthalani Khumalo 3 days ago

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: Why the PR industry needs to hire journalists and editors

Just this past week, I've had to correct grammar, fix spelling mistakes and rewrite press releases to make PR clients look better than they were portrayed, and to head off a potential social media storm. I also had to send a press release back with suggestions on how to make it newsworthy so that I could publish it. This is not my job, I'm not a PRO.

By Louise Marsland 3 days ago

#BeyondRetail2016: Readying for retail saturation or a complete revolution?
#BeyondRetail2016: Readying for retail saturation or a complete revolution?

While technological advancements and shifting consumer buying behaviour mean e-commerce is set for more uptake, traditional retailers need not worry about a loss of overall sales as a result. Here's how they can avoid extinction by keeping ahead of retail trends.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

AR no longer the exclusive domain of the CMO
AR no longer the exclusive domain of the CMO

Augmented and mixed realities are significantly boosting marketing departments' efficacy. But AR is now boldly venturing into the rest of the workplace. From HR to R&D departments, the business case for AR is not only compelling, but in many instances revolutionising the way organisations engage with internal and external customers.

By Johan Walters 3 days ago

Jeri Curry, president and CEO, Enset (Image source: YouTube)
Why NGOs need to embrace digital now

From garnering greater support through transparency to building online credibility with funders, and having a platform to maximise sharing of their authentic stories, NGOs can only benefit from having a sound web presence.

By Sindy Peters 3 days ago

What is your strategy in this digital world?

We have moved on from asking "what is your digital strategy?" to "what is your strategy in a digital world?" The answer is, obviously, not nearly as simple as some make it out to be.

By Dean Rajh-Gopaul 20 Oct 2016

Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump on SNL Live. Source: YouTube
#TRENDING: Canadian campaign gives US neighbours "virtual hugs"

One of the most (only) heart-warming moments of what has turned into arguably the most vicious Presidential election in the history of the United States, has come from its nice neighbour, Canada. Feeling sorry for a nation battered by a rabid Donald Trump, Canadians told America it's not that bad with a new campaign #tellamericaitsgreat.

By Louise Marsland 19 Oct 2016

CMO releases Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement
CMO releases Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement

A new white paper Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement, which includes insights from 166 senior marketing leaders and 2,100 North American consumers is now available. The report from the CMO Council finds that, while marketers have made strides in meeting the expectations of customers, there is still opportunity to reach deeper to create that competitive difference that cuts through the clutter and leverage channels that truly make an impact.

19 Oct 2016

Waithera Kabiru
What measurements matter when reaching Africa's audiences?

Across Africa, digital and mobile media are transforming the way we do media and media research; Coca-Cola in Africa, for example, has adopted a mobile-first approach to media. In order to do this successfully, we need to make sure that we are focusing on the metrics that deliver value, those which deliver actual best results.

By Waithera Kabiru 18 Oct 2016

Great content is not all about storytelling
Great content is not all about storytelling

There's been a lot of talk about 'storytelling' in the past couple of years. Suddenly, everyone's a storyteller. It's become the buzzword du jour. Great storytelling is the currency of attention in the digital age. It is a cornerstone of a great customer experience: if you want my attention as a customer, you'd better provide me with content worth my time, all the time.

By Kate Kenyon 18 Oct 2016

African innovation leads the way at annual Accenture conference
African innovation leads the way at annual Accenture conference

Technology is the greater equaliser. Today a poor farmer in Kenya, using a phone, has access to more information than a US president in the 1990s. Yet it can also create a massive divide if people, companies and nations do not innovate. Innovation is the road to a better future: South Africa is an innovative nation, but it needs to double down if it hopes to keep up.

18 Oct 2016

Why CSI is the new currency consciously growing the bottom line

When it comes to growing your business, people are everything, be they staff, customers, or the community surrounding your brand. Investment into product development, service delivery, marketing and internal training are all pretty much standard items when it comes to driving the business forward, but increasingly, there is another and potentially more impactful channel that brands and businesses are using to garner awareness, support and loyalty from their 'people/customer' - Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

By Glenda Mansfield 18 Oct 2016