Marketing & Media people

Dion Chang
Trend Analyst at Flux
Christopher Mills
Managing Director at iMod Digital
Cape Town, South Africa
Keenan Harduth
Head of Online Reputation Management at Cerebra
Johannesburg, South Africa
Veejay Archary
Executive Director at Black Africa Brand Consulting
Ferdie Bester
Managing Director at ClickMaven
Johannesburg, South Africa
Nick Schilperoort
Strategic Planner at XFACTA
Michael Fletcher
Sales Director at Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa
Nicholas Rixon
COO and Co-founder at OnePixel
Yusuf Begg
Freelance PR Liaison for the MMA SA
afra dlokweni
Cobus van Zyl
Chief Operations Officer at Aggrey & Clifford
Cuan Chelin
Founder/CEO at Super-Brands Group
Donna Rachelson
Founder of Branding & Marketing YOU
Michael de Souza
Vice President of Media at BuzzCity
Nicolas De Sousa
Marketing and operations director at Traditional Brands
Tatenda Chiweshe
MD at Media Trace
Johannesburg, South Africa
Walter Wafula
Business journalist