Keenan Harduth

Head of Online Reputation Management at Cerebra
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Keenan Harduth is currently the head of Cerebra's Online Reputation Management (ORM) division. He is responsible for the team that monitors various brands online, by using various tools to track mentions online, extract insights and make strategic recommendations for content development and assisting in meeting media and business objectives. You can contact Keenan by email on or follow @keenykeenz on Twitter.
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[SXSW 2013] Black Twitter

One of the biggest things I have noticed about SXSW 2013 is the glaring contrast between Africa and the rest of the world, specifically America. The people, the food, the landscape, even our strategy is all vastly different. What's not, however, is one thing - Black Twitter.

By Keenan Harduth 28 Mar 2013

[SXSW 2013] A brief overview

Anyone who knows anything about SXSW knows that it is a frenzied week of interactive conferences, film and music. This year it is even bigger as its the 20th anniversary of the event, which means there are over 5 000 events in the city of Austin, Texas.

By Keenan Harduth 14 Mar 2013

[SXSW 2013] How brands survive in China

After six years of research into why businesses succeed or fail in China, Emily Chong, the acting vice president of design and marketing for Frog innovation specialists, tackles the subject of survival strategies for brands in China. The parallels and differences in marketing to South Africans were startling.

By Keenan Harduth 13 Mar 2013

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