Gordon's passion and driving force is in Internet technology, building brands and bringing new ideas to the web and has recently launched a live web streaming service.
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Digital Publishing Director
Epnet cc -
Present - Rivonia
Gordon Barker is the sole proprietor of Epnet. He started out in the Queens Life Guards Regiment in the British Army Household Cavalry after that his background has revolved around marketing communications firstly in the advertising agency business (17 years’ experience) and has been involved in the production of over 37 TV commercials including corporate documentaries, winning a coveted Clio Award for a cinema commercial for Texan Cigarettes, his last position was Account Director at J. Walter Thompson. Gordon studied Information Technology at the Technikon in Johannesburg. Started Epnet in 1997 in order to develop client communications on the web using skills and experience from the advertising world. His passion and driving force is in Internet technology, building brands and bringing new ideas to the web.


Gordon Barker
[Marketing & Media] Epnet announce their new streaming and LIVE video broadcast service. Streaming Video Technology.
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Big change needed in the agency world

Advertising agencies thought process since their inception has to be to create the right message for a client. Then to locate and plan a media campaign to reach the target audience. This is great but the thinking needs to change...

By Gordon Barker 11 Feb 2016

Business presentations PowerPoint selfies

We all know the drag about having to sit through PowerPoint presentations. Few speakers are willing to open their mouths until they have their first slide safely in place...

By Gordon Barker 5 Feb 2016

How to stop visitors in their tracks and take a bow on your website

Website content as we are all aware is the critical aspect to SEO (search engine optimisation), but what is the next big thing on the web? No, it's not social media - it is your own website...

By Gordon Barker 28 Jan 2016

SEO and content marketing

Currently search engines apply various algorithms to their search results which aim to provide the user with an accurate result of what is being searched for...

By Gordon Barker 6 Jan 2016

Live stream to both your digital signage in-store and your website

During the 18 years of doing online business I realised that video can become life changing to companies and brands in 2016. We all know how powerful TV advertising is...

By Gordon Barker 5 Jan 2016

15 reasons why you need to live stream on the web

There's been a rising trend in businesses creating personal messages to persuade their potential customers to buy. Long gone are the days of boring and monotone content, which used to be found in every leaflet and on every website...

By Gordon Barker 12 Nov 2015

Marketing executives think SEO is something you do in the toilet!

Marketing executives comments on search engine optimisation: "SEO is like something you do in the toilet, we know it's important but spare us the details"...

By Gordon Barker 26 May 2015

Retail sales video marketing creates incredible opportunities

As video evolves, there are incredible opportunities in leveraging that content as a communications tool to help guide the customer or buyer's journey through the entire business life-cycle...

By Gordon Barker 27 Feb 2015

What will the internet look like in the year 2020?

Broadband will be the deciding factor and as soon as it becomes faster, the internet will change overnight...

By Gordon Barker 30 Jan 2015

Winning the SEO logic

I have a story to do with search engine optimisation and have been doing it since 1997, which is before Google even existed...

By Gordon Barker 19 Jan 2015

Most critical aspect on the web is to build visitor trust

Building trust online used to be a very difficult thing to do and is the most important aspect of your website if you want to do business online.

By Gordon Barker 11 Feb 2014

Social media brands and businesses being taken for a ride

I believe that it is time that people in the media business start looking into social media from a more sceptical point of view.

By Gordon Barker 5 Feb 2014

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