SME sustainability and simplified video-viewing - 23 Nov 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Last week's [AfricaCom] conference was abuzz with innovation and development on the continent. Key among these was the announcement that YouTube is taking Africa offline, in meeting the goal of making video more viewable on the continent. read more

Addressing digital illiteracy - 16 Nov 2015

[Leigh Andrews] A primary concern across the continent is that of digital illiteracy. We attended the opening day of MRMW Africa 2015 recently and learned all about the continent's truly mobile consumer and the need to create more mobile content and services that are relevant, accessible and available to users in their own language. We also look at the issue of social solidarity in times of tragedy, with Louise Marsland focusing her [TrendTalk] column on how the tragic events of the past few days in Paris and Beirut, have fuelled a debate about whose lives matter most on social media. read more

MTN's leadership shift and the importance of marginal gains in marketing - 9 Nov 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Current MTN CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa, has resigned with immediate effect. This comes after last week's news that MTN's operating licence in Nigeria has been renewed for another five years. read more

Getting your African mobile, distribution and social models right - 2 Nov 2015

[Leigh Andrews] As we ease into November, Nkem Ndem V looks into the top four mobile app development companies in Nigeria based on quality and excellence, as decided by She credits the persistent rise in smartphone and tablet use within the country as leading to a mobile 'revolution'. read more

Get to know the continent’s top brands - 26 Oct 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Africa's best brands were revealed at the 4th Annual Brand Africa 100 last week. MTN came out tops with a Grand Prix for Africa's Best Brand, as well as the Most Admired Brand in Africa award. Ngugi Mungai adds that consumers want enhanced digital branding. read more

Embracing emojis, enhancing creativity and embracing big data - 19 Oct 2015

[Leigh Andrews] In her latest [TrendTalk] column, Louise Marsland talks us through the emojis of language. This is becoming increasingly important to consider as we become a more visual society focused on expressing ourselves as easily - if not creatively - as possible. read more

Africa’s winning ways - 12 Oct 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Good news for the state of journalism on the continent: All four South African journalists nominated for the landmark 20th CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards 2015 won their respective categories. The top prize went to Burkinabé journalist Hyacinthe Boowurosigue Sanou, writes Thinus Ferreira. read more

The gift of the business gab - 5 Oct 2015

[Leigh Andrews] We start off with an exclusive from Louise Marsland...The Mail & Guardian has appointed seasoned journalist, editor and digital strategist Verashni Pillay as its new Editor-in-Chief. It's hoped that Pilllay will reinvigorate the brand and steer the publication "back to its roots", following a raft of retrenchments, recent cutbacks and falling circulation. On the topic of professionalism, Marion Scher shares tips that'll make the difference between a brilliant or boring speech, especially with today's ever-distracted audience, such as keeping the speech short, keeping it personal and using humour - but not starting with a joke. Daniel Munslow adds his views on the evolution of business communication, with feedback from the recent International Association of Public Relations' Congress, where he was one of a handful of speakers at the largest PR conference of its kind hosted in Africa. read more

The social customer service trend and other tech-enabled inventions - 28 Sep 2015

[Leigh Andrews] This week, Louise Marsland writes about some of her favourite new inventions in today's digital-enabled time in her latest [TrendTalk] column. One of these is the Wize Mirror, which can diagnose what's wrong with your body through facial analysis. read more

The importance of visual marketing and top online design - 21 Sep 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Exciting news: We have a new navigational interface as of today, designed to enhance Bizcommunity's unique brand offerings. There's a full list of new features for you to test drive, get cracking! This week we also look at the importance of visual content in marketing, with Charles Mburugu asserting that content is definitely king when it comes to online marketing, and visual content at the top of the list. read more

All about African entrepreneurship - 14 Sep 2015

[Leigh Andrews] It's exciting business times ahead as Orange launches the continent's first mobile crowdfunding platform in Côte d'Ivoire. Orange is also getting involved with the social innovation approach instigated by HelloAsso. read more

Time to put that innovative thinking cap on - 7 Sep 2015

[Leigh Andrews] In an economic crunch, the client is king, says Takudzwa Madzikanda, explaining that times have shifted from when the agency held the power to dictate work to the consumer. Reduced marketing budgets globally mean it's now a constant battle against our own competitors for the same, ever-reducing client pool so we need to do something different. read more

Journalism is not a crime... - 31 Aug 2015

[Leigh Andrews] After months of retrials and public protests, the Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt have been sentenced to three years in prison. Mohammed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohammed were accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. read more

The digital marketing future on our doorstep - 24 Aug 2015

[Leigh Andrews] Today sees the start of our Special Focus on Digital Marketing. read more

Putting Africa in the spotlight - 17 Aug 2015

[Leigh Andrews] The Loeries 2015 Creative Week in Durban took place this past weekend - view all the winners from Saturday and Sunday night, as well as all the coverage on the event in our special section. During the Unilever South Africa annual networking brunch, the FMCG company used the opportunity to showcase the work of four directors from the Academy for African Filmmakers (AAF), announced as winners at this year's Cannes in June. Meanwhile, Esther Karuku dives into the world of product placement in tv shows and movies, especially the emergence of this in Kenyan productions. The Vox Africa team take a closer look into the Kenyan government's very own advertising agency. read more

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