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How much of copywriting is writing?
How much of copywriting is writing?

Contrary to what you might believe, not even half of the copywriting job is the actual writing. So if you've ever interviewed a copywriter, employed a copywriter, worked with a copywriter, or wanted to be a copywriter, read on…

By Tiffany Markman 15 Mar 2017

Lorinda Voges on what it takes to be a powerhouse businesswoman in SA
Lorinda Voges on what it takes to be a powerhouse businesswoman in SA

In light of International Women's Day, Kim Lawrence chats to 4Elements Media CCO Lorinda Voges about the full service media agency and what it takes to be a powerhouse businesswoman in South Africa...

By Kim Lawrence 8 Mar 2017

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Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely

This was the phrase used by Lord Acton in 1887 (John Emerich Edward Dalberg, first Baron Acton – which explains why most people refer to him simply as “Lord Acton”)...

By Chris Brewer 6 Mar 2017

Custom media the way of the future
Custom media the way of the future

Content that is of value and authentic will continue to grow as readers demand it, and it is custom media that is delivering this...

By Danette Breitenbach 23 Feb 2017

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ABC: Members up but print down

The ABC 4th Quarter 2016 results, released via webinar for the first time, show that the total number of products and titles reported on for the ABC 4th quarter 2016 has increased to 982 from 854 in 2015...

By Danette Breitenbach 9 Feb 2017

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Marketers will be required to implement stringent measures to effectively manage media costs

A major cause for concern is brewing in the South African media, advertising and communication industry. A trend that was recently blown wide open in the United States by the American Association of Advertisers (ANA) is also taking place on our shores on a seemingly widespread scale...

By Johanna McDowell 8 Feb 2017

Facebook's fake news tools coming to France ahead of elections

According to a report, Facebook will implement fake news checking systems in France ahead of the country's elections...

By Andy Walker 6 Feb 2017

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#TRENDING: Social media resistance and ‘alternative' facts

A week in politics can indeed change the world, bringing us “alternative facts”, “black ops” war rooms and social media resistance fighters…

By Louise Marsland 27 Jan 2017

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Scientists reveal fake news ‘vaccine' that doesn't involve needles

Fake news is pretty much everywhere now (thanks US Elections), but “inoculating” yourself might be simpler than first thought...

By Andy Walker 23 Jan 2017

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“Space and calmness” – is that your market?

I think it's a fair assumption to make that writers (rather like media planners) should know what their target market and/or readers is/are...

By Chris Brewer 23 Jan 2017

Stop telling people print is dead. Please!
Stop telling people print is dead. Please!

How many of you are guilty of recycling the phrase 'print is dead'?

By Chris Gregory 20 Jan 2017

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What makes content marketing return ongoing results?

Content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience...

By Chemory Gunko 18 Jan 2017

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What is happening to Western democracy, and is it all the media's fault?

It is a massive understatement to say that it is an interesting time for Western democracy...

By Jim Egan 12 Jan 2017

Five tips to break through a noisy media landscape

Most media owners agree that selling advertising is tougher than ever in an industry that has become cluttered and fragmented...

By Charlie Wannell 13 Dec 2016

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The swing of pernicious media influence

I'm getting seriously worried about the changing media in South Africa (and throughout the world, for that matter)...

By Chris Brewer 5 Dec 2016

Roger Garlick Award Winners - OMD
#AMASAAwards2016: Banking on a winner

The banking sector strutted its creative spirit at the recent AMASA Awards with Nedbank and Standard Bank both taking top honours...

By Danette Breitenbach 27 Oct 2016

Finding the sticky spaghetti
Finding the sticky spaghetti

As consumers' patterns of consumption dictate, with content aggregated and apps serving up information to people that is useful and relevant to them, media brands will matter less and less...

By Danette Breitenbach 21 Oct 2016

Changing the face of business
Changing the face of business

The face of business is changing and in keeping with that change Times Media has redesigned its main print products and recently launched BusinessLIVE, a website that consolidates content, business and financial audiences...

By Danette Breitenbach 20 Oct 2016

Graham Deneys
Did we just hear an industry rumble?

A seismic shift is taking place in our industry and adjustments are being made as the tremors grow louder and more frequent. Those at the forefront are mobilising to ensure that when the full quake comes they will be 100% ready...

By Graham Deneys, Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 20 Oct 2016

Defining women in media
Defining women in media

The benefit of equality in gender is immense. According to McKinsey, if women play the same role as men by 2025 they will add US$28tn to the African economy...

By Danette Breitenbach 18 Oct 2016

South Africa's media landscape: what will 2020 hold?
South Africa's media landscape: what will 2020 hold?

A new PwC report has laid out predictions for the South African media and entertainment landscape by 2020...

By Hadlee Simons 11 Oct 2016

[Newsmaker] Veronica Katay joins Outdoor Network
[Newsmaker] Veronica Katay joins Outdoor Network

Veronica Katay has joined Outdoor Network's Johannesburg office as key accounts manager. She has 20 years experience in the media and out of home industry...

By Beverley Klein 10 Oct 2016

I have a dream...
I have a dream...

Ciao Bella, a women empowerment initiative aimed at uplifting the lives of young women, is the dream of Alarece Eaton, HR manager group of the MediaShop...

By Danette Breitenbach 29 Sep 2016

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#TRENDING: The experience economy

In order to earn the attention of consumers, brands need to create experiences that they can share...

By Louise Marsland 26 Sep 2016

SABC, where art thou channels?
SABC, where art thou channels?

The media's obsequious reportage on Hlaudi made me ponder on a few things that, in my opinion, need attention at the SABC. Frankly, I have heard enough of Hlaudi this, Hlaudi that...

By Bonnie Ramaila 26 Sep 2016

A world of differences

The African entertainment and media industry faces profound disruption, but it is exactly within this disruption that companies are finding opportunities...

By Danette Breitenbach 26 Sep 2016

The MediaShop receiving their MOST Media Agency of the Year Award.
It's the MOST wonderful time of the year

The MediaShop Johannesburg and DStv took top honours at last night's MOST Awards, with The MediaShop taking home the MOST Full Service Media agency 2106, a category that the Media Shop has won in five previous years...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 Sep 2016

SA's anti-piracy startup Custos raises $420k from TIA
SA's anti-piracy startup Custos raises $420k from TIA

Stellenbosch-based bitcoin bounty startup Custos Media Technologies has raised another round of funding, this time from South Africa's Technology Innovation Agency...

By Tom Jackson 30 Aug 2016

The value of data for media analysis

Data has become a critical element for the growth of the digital society. And while its importance transcends industries, it is especially in media analysis where it has enabled brands, agencies, and journalists to become more effective...

By Jaco Pienaar 29 Aug 2016

#WomensMonth: There is no glass ceiling if you keep building
#WomensMonth: There is no glass ceiling if you keep building

Taryn Copeman is the director of strategy at Mark1, a digital media company. Coming from a creative and publishing background, Copeman brings 12 years of experience into her role...

By Beverley Klein 23 Aug 2016

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