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D&AD Pencils.
The value of a pencil

I apologise in advance for the unnecessary use of nostalgia and being a little romantic about it all. Actually, I don't...

By Damon Stapleton 22 Feb 2017

Terena le Roux keeps the Ideas/Idees flowing
Terena le Roux keeps the Ideas/Idees flowing

Following the announcement of bilingual Ideas/Idees magazine being closed down by Media24 late last year, editor Terena le Roux approached management to transfer ownership into her name. Now the owner of startup publishing company IdeesFabriek (Ideas Factory), Le Roux says it really was that straightforward...

By Jessica Tennant 22 Feb 2017

(c) Leonard Zhukovsky -
Weak Super Bowl TVCs disappoint

The Super Bowl draws 190m eyes, and brands pay the equivalent of R65m for a spot during the game. Of the viewers, nearly a quarter say the television commercials (TVCs) are the most important part of the event, and would rather go to the loo during the game. Despite this, 2017 was one of the weakest years in Super Bowl history for TVCs...

By Danette Breitenbach 22 Feb 2017

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Mutual respect – and ignoring your customers in cyberspace

We keep hearing how irresponsible South Africans are with their money and, coming from a family history of little money and not wasting resources, it does sometimes astound me how people in this country live for today with little thought of tomorrow...

By Brendan Seery 21 Feb 2017

Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing
Potayto, Potarto: How this Super Bowl ad changed how I see marketing

Even if you don't follow American Football, if you're interested in marketing, communications and/or advertising, come Super Bowl night you're probably also glued to your twitter feed, waiting for the ‘next big ad'...

By Leigh Crymble 17 Feb 2017

Screen grabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions]: Head out on the highway… looking for adventure and classic ads

In the ad world, the Super Bowl weekend in America – the biggest annual sporting event in that country – is a huge deal. Brands spend tens of millions of dollars making the commercials, which will be flighted during the hours-long Super bowl spectacular. They then pay even more multiple millions to buy the air time...

By Brendan Seery 14 Feb 2017

Maximkabb © –
Are marketer-agency relationships losing that loving feeling?

February is the month of love, with Valentine's Day providing countless marketing communications opportunities to express those ‘loving feelings' – an appropriate time to reflect on the state of marketer–agency relationships...

By John Little 14 Feb 2017

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Marketers will be required to implement stringent measures to effectively manage media costs

A major cause for concern is brewing in the South African media, advertising and communication industry. A trend that was recently blown wide open in the United States by the American Association of Advertisers (ANA) is also taking place on our shores on a seemingly widespread scale...

By Johanna McDowell 8 Feb 2017

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The great comfort of bad Super Bowl ads

Quick, name your top 10 Super Bowl ads from this year. I know, it's a struggle. I am asking you to remember 10 out of a 100 or so ads whose sole purpose is to be memorable...

By Damon Stapleton 8 Feb 2017

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions]: Here's a Big Bang Theory: Use just one credit card…

Without wanting to sound sexist, have you noticed that women will watch movies over and over… and over again! And, woe betide the mere male who tries to wrest the remote control from She Who Will Watch Notting Hill For The 17th Time…

By Brendan Seery 7 Feb 2017

Lady Gaga rocks the Super Bowl half time show - @forbes
#TRENDING: Brand activism ruled Super Bowl 2017

We are entering a new era of brand activism as brands step up to speak out against political decisions they feel are morally wrong…

By Louise Marsland 6 Feb 2017

Gajus © –
What's your number?

I once heard a marketing consultant advise a moaning supermarket owner, who felt he just had to cut costs dramatically. He said: “Turn your lights off – that will reduce your overheads by a massive percentage. Of course, you'll have no customers, but that's the (very) short-term solution...”

By Chris Brewer 6 Feb 2017

Illustration © Minky Stapleton.
Are rules more important than ideas?

This isn't scientific. Just a hunch. A feeling. Remember those...

By Damon Stapleton 1 Feb 2017

Screengrabs from the Jeep ad.
[Orchids & Onions] 4X4Ever… and a mad dash to avoid the runs

It's been said many times but it's worth repeating: if you, as a brand, can develop an emotional connection with your customer, you could be rewarded with lifelong repeat business...

By Brendan Seery 31 Jan 2017

Rewarding the sweet spot in tough times
Rewarding the sweet spot in tough times

This year's Apex Awards entry process remains the same, with two rounds, but the percentages to win an Apex Award has dropped. However, do not mistake this for a lowering of standards or that it will be “easier” to win, warns ACA CEO Odette van der Haar...

By Danette Breitenbach 31 Jan 2017

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Back to school with Checkers and back to the drawing board for Ford…

Much as I love my kids, there are plenty of times when I'm glad they're out of the house: my daughter will be a qualified vet by the end of this year and my son seems happily ensconced as a senior account manager with the trust company he works for in Amsterdam. And the days of worrying about their education are over...

By Brendan Seery 24 Jan 2017

#Newsmaker: Craig Munitz - MD of CBR Marketing
#Newsmaker: Craig Munitz - MD of CBR Marketing

Craig Munitz is the MD and founder of CBR Marketing, a digital advertising agency offering SEO, programmatic advertising, web design and more...

By Beverley Klein 24 Jan 2017

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The beautiful stone in your shoe

Holidays are strange, lovely things. They creep up on you with the best of intentions. It's like a really weird neighbour who appears out of nowhere from behind a hedge only to give you some freshly baked blueberry muffins...

By Damon Stapleton 18 Jan 2017

MTN’s new TV ad pokes a little fun at Vodacom’s group of elderly ladies on tour © – .
[Orchids & Onions] All's fair in love and the ad business...

Nothing is truly original, so the experts say… everything has been seen, or done, once before. And true creativity is a synthesis of all that an active and alert mind absorbs from everywhere...

By Brendan Seery 17 Jan 2017

Andriy Popov © –
The future of advertising

I wish I had a magic wand to foresee the future and be able to plan ahead. That would be nice, wouldn't it? For me at least. But, fortunately sometimes, to predict the future, it only requires a closer look at the present and some past occurrences…

By Bogosi Motshegwa 11 Jan 2017

Gnomes, playing us the sad song of their people. Gina Sanders © –
Where have all the papers gone?

One thing about newspapers during the holidays is, why are they so thin - with fewer editions...

By Chris Brewer 9 Jan 2017

Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit
Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit

Coca-Cola's claims that their SSBs are not linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will be tested in a lawsuit...

By Sharon Snell 9 Jan 2017

So we've created a world of consumers... now what?

The relentless marketing and advertising drives of the last century have landed us in the midst of a world of consumers driven by instant gratification - and to be fair, advertising is completely to blame...

By Chemory Gunko 5 Jan 2017

Screengrab from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Going where no other will

One of the most powerful attributes of advertising - because it is rooted in popular culture and speaks to our everyday lives - is its ability to really make you think and to feel...

By Brendan Seery 20 Dec 2016

The Cannes Lions-winning 'Justino' campaign for Spain’s Christmas Lottery.
Sensory marketing - What is it, which brands are successful at it?

Our senses connect our external and internal worlds; they mediate our understanding and moderate our experiences. We decode meaning through our network of connections. These interpretations are influenced by our pre-existing knowledge, memories, preferences, assumptions, and experiences...

By Marguerite De Villiers 15 Dec 2016

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The truth will set you free

Nothing reminds you of your love for advertising more than lying next to a man discussing the insertion of his catheter with his best friend...

By Damon Stapleton 14 Dec 2016

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Ad may not be finger-lickin' good but it's out of this world

Regular readers will know that, when it comes to advertising, local will always be lekker for me...

By Brendan Seery 13 Dec 2016

The new smart car and Zando #UnfollowTheNorm campaign creates intrigue
The new smart car and Zando #UnfollowTheNorm campaign creates intrigue

In a first for South Africa, the new smart forfour is being introduced directly onto the pages of Africa's largest online retailer, Zando...

By Angie White 12 Dec 2016

The mobile landscape - looking at 2017 and what e-retailers could expect
The mobile landscape - looking at 2017 and what e-retailers could expect

Truth be told, we've been waiting for quite some time for the inevitable 'mobile boom' all the trend analysts, commentators and everyone in-between has been telling us about for the last six years...

By Graham Du Plessis 9 Dec 2016

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How to deliver the only exceptional value shoppers want these December holidays

The highly competitive December holiday marketing has no place for the pliant and weak marketers. It is a war room affair...

By Bandile Ndzishe 8 Dec 2016

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