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The beautiful stone in your shoe

Holidays are strange, lovely things. They creep up on you with the best of intentions. It's like a really weird neighbour who appears out of nowhere from behind a hedge only to give you some freshly baked blueberry muffins...

By Damon Stapleton 2 days ago

MTN’s new TV ad pokes a little fun at Vodacom’s group of elderly ladies on tour © – .
[Orchids and Onions] All's fair in love and the ad business...

Nothing is truly original, so the experts say… everything has been seen, or done, once before. And true creativity is a synthesis of all that an active and alert mind absorbs from everywhere...

By Brendan Seery 2 days ago

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The future of advertising

I wish I had a magic wand to foresee the future and be able to plan ahead. That would be nice, wouldn't it? For me at least. But, fortunately sometimes, to predict the future, it only requires a closer look at the present and some past occurrences…

By Bogosi Motshegwa 11 Jan 2017

Gnomes, playing us the sad song of their people. Gina Sanders © –
Where have all the papers gone?

One thing about newspapers during the holidays is, why are they so thin - with fewer editions...

By Chris Brewer 9 Jan 2017

Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit
Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit

Coca-Cola's claims that their SSBs are not linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will be tested in a lawsuit...

By Sharon Snell 9 Jan 2017

So we've created a world of consumers... now what?

The relentless marketing and advertising drives of the last century have landed us in the midst of a world of consumers driven by instant gratification - and to be fair, advertising is completely to blame...

By Chemory Gunko 5 Jan 2017

Screengrab from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Going where no other will

One of the most powerful attributes of advertising - because it is rooted in popular culture and speaks to our everyday lives - is its ability to really make you think and to feel...

By Brendan Seery 20 Dec 2016

The Cannes Lions-winning 'Justino' campaign for Spain’s Christmas Lottery.
Sensory marketing - What is it, which brands are successful at it?

Our senses connect our external and internal worlds; they mediate our understanding and moderate our experiences. We decode meaning through our network of connections. These interpretations are influenced by our pre-existing knowledge, memories, preferences, assumptions, and experiences...

By Marguerite De Villiers 15 Dec 2016

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The truth will set you free

Nothing reminds you of your love for advertising more than lying next to a man discussing the insertion of his catheter with his best friend...

By Damon Stapleton 14 Dec 2016

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[Orchids & Onions] Ad may not be finger-lickin' good but it's out of this world

Regular readers will know that, when it comes to advertising, local will always be lekker for me...

By Brendan Seery 13 Dec 2016

The new smart car and Zando #UnfollowTheNorm campaign creates intrigue
The new smart car and Zando #UnfollowTheNorm campaign creates intrigue

In a first for South Africa, the new smart forfour is being introduced directly onto the pages of Africa's largest online retailer, Zando...

By Angie White 12 Dec 2016

The mobile landscape - looking at 2017 and what e-retailers could expect
The mobile landscape - looking at 2017 and what e-retailers could expect

Truth be told, we've been waiting for quite some time for the inevitable 'mobile boom' all the trend analysts, commentators and everyone in-between has been telling us about for the last six years...

By Graham Du Plessis 9 Dec 2016

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How to deliver the only exceptional value shoppers want these December holidays

The highly competitive December holiday marketing has no place for the pliant and weak marketers. It is a war room affair...

By Bandile Ndzishe 8 Dec 2016

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How to do impossible things

It has been an interesting week. The world may run out of Guinness. As I write this Ireland have just beaten the All Blacks 40 - 29 in Chicago. It is the first time they have done this in 111 years. To continue the surreal sporting theme, Andy Murray, has become the number one tennis player in the world...

By Damon Stapleton 7 Dec 2016

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Festive DStv ad gets the feet tapping

I know there are plenty of DStv subscribers who like to whinge about the rising costs and question whether they are getting their money's worth - but, for me, the broadcaster still manages to put together some great "house ads"...

By Brendan Seery 6 Dec 2016

Fawlty Towers and the art of prediction
Fawlty Towers and the art of prediction

The legendary comedian John Cleese is being interviewed on the radio. He is explaining how arguably the most successful television series, Fawlty Towers, was liked by very few when it began in 1975. In fact, when the Daily Mirror reviewed the show the headline read "Long John Short on Jokes..."

By Damon Stapleton 30 Nov 2016

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[Orchids & Onions] Tipping a hat to the 'Nightshift'

OK, I'll admit MTN already got its foot in the door with me right at the beginning of its new TV ad: I'm a Commodores fan and I think Nightshift (their tribute to soul legend Marvin Gaye - also one of my favourites) is one of the best tracks they produced...

By Brendan Seery 29 Nov 2016

#Newsmaker: Shamendran Naidu - Executive at Transit Ads
#Newsmaker: Shamendran Naidu - Executive at Transit Ads

Shamendran Naidu has been appointed as executive at Transit Ads. He has been part of the Provantage Media Group since 2009, and has plans to take the outdoor advertising space to the next level...

By Beverley Klein 28 Nov 2016

How can brands overcome ad blocking software?
How can brands overcome ad blocking software?

As our lives became more digitalised there were more opportunities for brands and marketers to connect with consumers and send out advertising messages...

By Chiara Di Rago 25 Nov 2016

Medium Agency of the Year - AVATAR
Tough times make for big winners

The Financial Mail (FM) AdFocus Agency of the Year 2016 is PhD Media SA. The Agency, which also won the FM AdFocus Media Agency Award, boasted top scores across each category...

By Danette Breitenbach 24 Nov 2016

Top Christmas ads (so far...)
Top Christmas ads (so far...)

The battle of the best Festive Season adverts has begun! Is 2016 going to be memorable by delighting us with some refreshing Christmas advertising? The signs are looking positive. We've selected five of our favourites so far...

By Sheila McGillivray 22 Nov 2016

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[Orchids & Onions] Children grow up, but Plascon looks as good as ever

In this day and age of quick fixes, short attention spans and marketing clutter, old-fashioned relationships are still critical. And by relationships I don't mean "having a conversation" with your customers on social media...

By Brendan Seery 22 Nov 2016

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'Boardroom dancing': Five lessons strategists can learn from the dance world

As a strategist and ballroom dancer, I have had the unique and fortunate experience of living a life that (quite literally) straddles two worlds. Two ostensibly different worlds...

By Mike dos Santos 22 Nov 2016

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Why do they keep getting it wrong?

With all the excitement going on recently, I got to wondering about polls and why they're so wrong...

By Chris Brewer 21 Nov 2016

Gustav Goosen
Digital ad spend reflects strong growth in otherwise challenging advertising market

While some traditional media struggles, digital adspend in South Africa has witnessed powerful growth...

By Gustav Goosen, Issued by IAB South Africa 18 Nov 2016

Direct ad buying - Have relationships taken a backseat?
Direct ad buying - Have relationships taken a backseat?

There is now no doubt with the advent of programmatic and real time bidding (RTB) the nature in which brands & agencies relationships with publishers has changed...

By Graham Du Plessis 17 Nov 2016

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[Orchids & Onions] The right brew can be worth a plaster or two

There are just some people in the world you don't want to mess with; the sort of angry thuggish types who can so easily misread situations and take offence. The latest George Clooney TV commercial reminded me of a time like that...

By Brendan Seery 15 Nov 2016

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Deals predictions, stores to watch and business case for SA retailers who adopt US Black Friday

The annual retail price slashing marathon and shopping bonanza - Black Friday - falls on Friday, 25 November this year. Just like in 2014 and 2015, queues are expected to start gathering before store opening times in almost all retail stores...

By Bandile Ndzishe 9 Nov 2016

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Fun ad oozes fizzy energy to dance an Orchid away

I am not really the target market for a drink like Hunter's Extreme, nor am I the sort likely to be found clubbing or at a rap music concert. But, I must say, the new TV ad for the drink has a certain fizzy energy - a bit like Hunter's Extreme itself, now with added guarana, the magic, natural stimulant...

By Brendan Seery 8 Nov 2016

Who owns whom?
Who owns whom?

My team at Brewers Data Services and I spend most of our time tracking which agency has which client, which people work at advertisers' companies and what media is best to reach a given audience...

By Chris Brewer 7 Nov 2016

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