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Shopping complex rewards Kenyan shoppers with Z-Card

The Village Market, a shopping and recreation complex in Nairobi, recently selected a Z-Card to target its loyalty shoppers and generate awareness around its Bonus Card reward programme.
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"The Village Market's Bonus Card holders earn points on every purchase they make within the open air mall, and can spend them on various offers depending on the number of points accumulated," says Dominic Mbugua, marketing manager for The Village Market.

"Bonus Card also encourages shoppers to increase their spending, as they will then benefit through the point reward system. Our ultimate aim is to make shopping a more rewarding experience," he adds.

"Booked by Ramco Printing Works Ltd, the Z-Card has been designed to resemble - in shape, design and size - the actual Bonus Card," says Amit Patel, CEO of Z-Card Kenya.

"The rationale is to get more loyalty shoppers to keep coming back or new ones to sign up for a Bonus Card so that they can enjoy the perks that come with it."