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Airtel launches money services ad [video]

Airtel Africa recently launched a television commercial, created by Ogilvy Africa, that aims to create awareness and encourage consumers to use Airtel money for their transactions. The service was launched in Nairobi, Kenya after Airtel revamped its mobile commerce service.
"Mobile Commerce has filled a much needed gap for our Kenyan customers but a significant portion of Africa lacks the benefit of this phenomenon," explains Andre Beyers, chief marketing officer, Airtel Africa. "We are targeting both the banked and unbanked community with access to our ubiquitous mobile telephone services."

Commenting on the commercial, Beyers said, "The new ad will play an important role in dispensing the correct messages to our current and prospective consumers. The ad connects with the emotions of the viewer on the benefits of using Airtel money; which is an easy, faster and more convenient method of sending or receiving money."