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Questions around change, ahead of second Brand Barometer results

3 Jul 2014 05:26
The Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA) has commenced the interviewing phase of the 2014 Brand Barometer survey.
As this study enters a second year, a key question is whether the challenges identified in the local industry have improved since 2013. Looking ahead to the findings from this year's measure, BCSA board member, Columinate's Henk Pretorius comments, "A pressing concern is shifting from a mainly creative mind-set to an accountable approach that proves the effectiveness of the industry's outputs. It is unacceptable that billions are being spent on branding activities with little attention paid to effectiveness."

These comments come after the 2013 wave of the study, based on feedback from over 300 senior executives in the brand marketing industry, showed an industry with significant challenges in the areas of skills development and tangible proof of ROI. Key findings from 2013 included that only 55% of the brand owners believed the marketing profession is of a high standard and only 32% of this group think the skills of young marketers are of an acceptable standard.

Drastic change is needed

"It will be interesting to see how much the wheels have turned in one year. Last year's results were a wake-up call to the industry and while we hope to see positive movements, some of these issues are at levels where longer-term improvements are more likely. What is clear is that the industry needs drastic change if it is to be taken seriously," says Pretorius.

The 2014 survey will again comprehensively assess the state of the industry with several additional areas of focus that have arisen from last year. Aside from the value to the industry, the BCSA uses the findings from the survey to guide its own efforts and improve the status of the branding profession in South Africa. Focus areas for the council include improving the state of education, inspiring innovative thinking in the industry, showing the value of branding and connecting the industry with other areas of business, government, and society. The survey reaches across all of these areas and stimulates actions based on the findings. Additional questions to the 2014 survey include a comparison of the South African industry against global standards and a request for examples of excellent brand marketing strategies.

The survey closes on 14th July 2014 with results expected in September. To participate in the 2014 survey click here.

A digital copy of the 2013 survey can be found here.

For more information about BCSA, visit

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