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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

What's your take on the whole Apple vs Samsung legal wranglings?

I for one am biased because I use a Samsung Galaxy Note. I must say that a phone or tablet will be rectangular in shape, with a black border/frame, user-friendly software and rounded black edges regardless; must all future smartphones be triangular in shape with a pink border/frame for example?
Let's not forget that each iPhone or iPad you buy has a little Samsung chip running it.

It is common knowledge that innovative products are examined by their competitors who then subsequently launch their own brand of a similar product.

This process then pushes the innovator to be "one step ahead" of its competitors which in turn generally means better that consumers have better products from which to choose.

I watched a few interesting interviews with various industry experts on CNN, they all agreed that the result of this lawsuit was bad news for the industry.

One of these experts pointed out that jury did not have a complete grasp of the big picture and the ramifications of their decision.

I have always thought that the U.S. legal system is flawed; how can ordinary citizens have the legal knowledge and experience of a judge and thereby always get it right?

Does O.J. Simpson's murder case ring a bell?

Luckily in South Africa we have not had such legal wranglings yet, how ironic, in the land of monopolies, especially in the telecommunications industry.

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