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Mobile news apps a boon to citizen journalists in Africa

"You can never have a conversation about Kenya these days without talking about the mobile revolution," begins a recent op-ed column written by Dickens Olewe of The Star in Kenya, reflecting one of the most promising media development success stories on the continent.
If you think all African media is rudimentary or behind the times, think again.

Olewe, a journalist and web administrator at The Star, has developed a platform to promote citizen journalism in Kenya, with the help of WAN-IFRA's Mobile News for Africa Grant and Training scheme (MNFA).

"Kenya is now renowned around the world for its innovative mobile money system which has changed how people send, receive and save money; a concept that's currently being replicated the world over," says Olewe. "Concurrently, the mobile phone is leading another revolution; how people consume, share and interact with news."

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