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Dark days for BlackBerry as RIM implodes

These are dark days for BlackBerry and Research in Motion (RIM). Though the Canadian company's smartphones continue to sell well in some emerging markets, including SA, consumers at the higher end - they are the more profitable segment for handset manufacturers - are abandoning it for the Apple iPhone and devices running Google's Android operating system.
On Friday, RIM shares plummeted by nearly 20% after it said it had reported a loss of more than half a billion dollars and that it would cut 5 000 jobs. Most seriously, though, it said it had been forced to delay the release of BlackBerry 10 - the software it's pinning its survival on - until 2013.

Speculation is growing of a possible tie-up with Microsoft, which is already in bed with another troubled mobile device manufacturer, Nokia. The Finnish company has thrown its lot in with the US software maker and committed its future smartphone strategy to Windows Phone. There's also a talk of asset-stripping RIM before there's no value left to salvage.

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Walter Pike
5 years ago the iPhone had just been launched to the superior chuckles of the likes of RIM, Microsoft and Nokia. Now just this one device, there is only one with different size memory chips, makes around the same profit as Exxon Mobil and unfortunatley Nokia, Blackberry (RIM) and windows mobile (Nokia at this stage) are toast. In the 1960's Theodore Levitt wrote a fascinating article called "Marketing Myopia" go read it - it tells you why this all happened.RIM, Nokia, Palm are all case studies of big organisations who because of their size forget to understand what business they are in, they had Marketing Myopia.
Posted on 3 Jul 2012 13:53