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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Mxit boosts Ackerman's app traffic

Clothing retailer Ackermans received 178,594 unique consumers interacting with its Mxit brand app for three consecutive months, through the innovative use of sponsored content within the mobile social network.
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Sponsorship campaign

Aimed at expectant parents in the LSM 6 - 8 categories, the company collaborated with Mxit and agency Ninety9cents to deliver a tactical sponsorship campaign. Appealing to mothers' inherent desire to be the best and be equipped with all the information needed during pregnancy, the baby info messaging, carrying the 'sponsored by Ackermans' banner, drove users from within baby info to the retailer's brand app, where users could engage with brand content.

With thousands of new parents signing up for the app each week, the retailer was poised to generate awareness and position itself as the preferred value clothing store in South Africa. In just four months, the brand delivered over 3 million app messages with 2.8 million of these messages being viewed.

Mxit platform

Andrew Kramer, Mxit VP Sales comments, "The sponsorship campaign was extremely well received, clearly resonating with the targeted Mxit user base. The sponsorship banner generated significant traffic to the client's app, with the key to effectiveness being that our users specifically choose to engage with the brand placed in their Mxit space, based on relevance.

"The campaign demonstrates how content sponsorship allows advertisers to associate brands with well-established Mxit apps and content and, when used in conjunction with Mxit advertising platforms, facilitates direct-response marketing in high traffic properties."

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