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Mobile giants to take on Icasa

SA's mobile giants are expected to put up a fight against ICASA's new regulations that will see them shedding significant profit, reports ITWeb, and China's censors have censored a press censorship report, says The Register.
(Image: WMP, via Wikimedia Commons)

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  • ITWeb: ICASA knuckles down on Vodacom, MTN... Things are heating up in SA's mobile telecoms landscape, with the country's long-time duopoly set to take the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) to task over new inter-network fees - and the authority taking a dogged stance, seemingly unwilling to back down, reports ITWeb.

  • The Register: China's censors censor press censorship report... Inside the Great Firewall you'll never learn how the Great Firewall operates...

    China's "Ministry of Truth" has been busy again today, ordering websites inside the Great Firewall to delete all mention of its lowly position, fifth bottom, on the latest Press Freedom Index report from Reporters Without Borders, reports The Register.