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Lighting the way

On 30 April 2014, at around 6:30pm, launch-party guests of Primedia Outdoor and North-bound commuters along the stretch of the M1 North, between Grayston Drive and Marlboro Drive, witnessed the powering up of the company's second super LED-screen billboard within a year.
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At 4.5 m by 18 m, the new freeway giant was an impressive sight, as it beamed out the high-res, bright messages of exclusive client, Coca-Cola®, South Africa.

Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor, told industry guests and media at the launch party that securing the council approval for the digital board was no easy task but well worth the effort.

"The erection of this super LED is in line with our strategy to expand our digital portfolio, specifically within the large format arena," he said.

The screen is manufactured by the world's premier LED manufacturer, Daktronics, which translates into superior-quality visuals, and unparalleled reliability.

Coca-Cola®, South Africa, with exclusive rights to the LED billboard, will dominate this stretch of freeway for the next three years.

Primedia Outdoor is currently pursuing approvals for additional sites, and anticipates erecting a number of new LED-screen signs within the next few months.

Why digital?

Aside from a huge, iconic presence on the freeway, both day and night, what are the major benefits Coca Cola® will enjoy from 'owning' the new screen?
  • Massive creative flexibility.
  • Online artwork changes = easy, cost-effective flighting of multiple ads = the ability to do day-part messaging, addressing consumers' context and state of mind.
  • New material goes up within an hour = tactical, tactical, tactical.
  • Reacting tactically boosts efficacy, since relevance and context are significant drivers of recall in outdoor.

Vital stats

  • The screen is 4.5 m by 18 m
  • It has 4.2 tons of LED technology on board.
  • It uses top-of-the-range, Japanese Nichia LEDs.
  • It is self-aware to a pixel level, remotely reporting any failure of LEDs.
  • Calibration software ensures uniform LED brightness.
  • It uses up to 75% less power than equivalent low-cost screens sourced from the East to achieve the same brightness.
  • Less power = less heat = a longer-lasting screen.
  • 1,687,620 vehicles per month


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Primedia Outdoor
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